Call for Abstracts - 3rd Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation

September 10th-12th 2014, Leeds

Arranged by: hEART (European Association for Research in Transportation)

Hosted by: Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, UK

The symposium is an interdisciplinary research conference, covering all areas of transportation research, with a focus on quantitative methods and analysis of transport systems. The aim is to connect research in transport modelling, transport economics and transport policy with advanced practice. Bringing together leading experts and promising young researchers, the symposium offers an opportunity for scientific discussion and interaction in relatively small groups. There will be a summer school intended for PhD students the day before the conference. This will be held
at the University of Leeds, again with presentations from the following leading international researchers. Maria Börjesson - Recent Advances in Value of Time Estimation: Experiences from the Recent Swedish National Study. Caspar Chorus  - Recent Developments in Non-RUM Discrete Choice Models. Mohammed Quddus - Analysing Spatial Data using GIS. Simon Shepherd - System Dynamics Models in Transportation
(Sept 9th).

The symposium is an annual event, organised by the European Association of Research in Transportation (hEART; ). The first symposium took place in 2012 at EPFL Lausanne and the 2013 conference was hosted by the Centre for Transport Studies at KTH in Stockholm. The following conferences will take place in Copenhagen 2015 and Delft 2016.

Keynote speakers are:
Kay Axhausen, Zurich, ETH
Joan Walker, Berkeley
Otto Anker Nielsen, DTU