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Jonas Eliasson, Professor Transport Systems Analysis, PhD

Affiliation: CTS

E-mail: jonas.eliasson@abe.kth.se

Phone: +46 (0)70 320 63 05

Address: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Centre for Transport Studies, Teknikringen 10, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden


Jonas Eliasson is the Director of the Centre for Transport Studies. His research interests include transport modeling, appraisal and cost-benefit analysis, valuation of non-market goods (e.g. travel time and intrusion effects), transport policy, transport planning and road pricing. He has been heavily involved in the design, planning and evaluation of the Stockholm congestion charges, and is frequently engaged as an advisor to other cities considering congestion pricing systems. He has been responsible for the modeling and appraisal of several major Swedish infrastructure investments, and is currently chairing the committee for transport modeling and cost-benefit analysis of the National Transport Investment Plan.

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Ongoing CTS projects

Differentiation in public transport fares: a survey

Project leader: Jonas Eliasson

Socially efficient railway capacity allocation

Project leader: Jonas Eliasson

Kollektivtrafikens långsiktiga samhällsnytta - Fallstudie Stockholms tunnelbana

Project leader: Daniel Jonsson

Project participants: Maria Börjesson, Christer Anderstig, Mattias Lundberg, Daniel Firth, Jonas Eliasson, Leonid Engelson, Bo Wijkmark

Förutsättningarnas betydelse för den relativa samhällsekonomiska lönsamheten av investeringar

Project leader: Daniel Jonsson

Project participants: Maria Börjesson, Peter Almström, Jonas Eliasson, Svante Berglund, Kerstin Pettersson, Leonid Engelson

Centrumledning 2010

Project leader: Jonas Eliasson

Project participants: Susanne Jarl, Anders Karlström, Gunnar Lindberg, Mattias Lundberg

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