The Robot Project

The Robot Project is all about tributing the Swedish pop star Robyn. The project began in spring 2013 and ended in Mars 2014.

Each year a selected group of students studying mechatronics at KTH – Sweden’s largest technical university – build a robot together. This yearwas a little different though, since the students decided to dedicate the robot to indie-superstar Robyn. The reason for this is Robyn’s obvious love for robots. She has written several songs about them, such as ”Fembot”, ”Robot Boy” and ”The Girl And The Robot” – which is a collaboration with norwegian Royksopp. But there is another reason; Robyn has something any engineer can be inspired by – the urge to find new expressions and break new ground.

The main goal for this projec was for Robyn to embrace and interact with the robot, both physically and digitally. But there is a secondary goal – to honor everyone who choses to go their own way and has a desire to push our development forward. Because without them, we would be stuck in a much less pleasant time.

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A summary of the whole project

Things are coming to its end. Here’s a summary. Thank you for following us and see you in the future!

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Follow a group of students at Sweden’s most prestigious technical university, KTH, while they build a robot as a tribute to swedish indie-superstar Robyn.

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