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It starts with Lego and ends with Robyn

Lego isn’t something just kids play with. We use it as well. It’s a great way to brainstorm and try different ideas. The robots in the pictures, yes they are robots, does actually move to music (I think we recorded some film, we’ll put it up later). We built them during a teambuilding day earlier this semester. So, when this projects ends, we might say it started with Lego and ended up with Robyn. Somehow it doesn’t sound too unfamiliar.

If you’re into robots – don’t hesitate to try Lego mindstorms. It’s awesome. You’re never to old to play. But if you stop playing, you might turn old :-)


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Follow a group of students at Sweden’s most prestigious technical university, KTH, while they build a robot as a tribute to swedish indie-superstar Robyn.

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