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Help us name the robot!

The ending is near. Now, we need your help to name Robyn’s robot. What should we call it? We’ve been thinking of a bunch of names. The most obvious one might be ”Robyt” or something quite similar. But wouldn’t be cool with some ordinary name like ”Stuart”,”Steve” or ”Hilda”? Or something Swedish like ”Sigrid” or ”Hasse”? Please comment or write on our wall.


2013-12-05 10.39.19-2

Pic from today. Mathilde installs some cords.


2013-12-05 10.17.53-2

Mantra at KTH: ”if it ain’t broken, break it”. We would like to add: ”…break it, improve it”.

1 kommentar

  1. Danil

    Robb-Y som i Disney karatktären: Wall-E fast med en mer relativ twist : – D


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