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KTH Transport Platform

KTH possesses both broad and in-depth competence within key areas of transport research, areas such as vehicle and railway engineering, flight technology, civil engineering, alternative fuels, traffic technology and intelligent transport systems, transport politics and economics, sustainable transport and city systems plus human technology systems within aeronautics and other types of transport.

Transport Research at KTH = 885 researchers, 41 research groups and 18 research centers

The Transport field also brings in other prioritised areas at KTH such as ICT, materials and energy. The aim of this platform is to further strengthen the KTH research profile within this field through improved synergies and expanded crossborder research programmes, both at KTH and with other academic and industrial partners in Sweden and abroad.


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Transport Strategy Day



Will offer the chance for undergraduates to work on ongoing cutting edge research projects and interact with with the KTH researchers involved.

TEDxKTH Transport


See the fantastic presentations from the TEDxKTH Transport event!

In the News

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2013-04-26 Suggestion: congestion on metro (in Swedish)

2013-04-26 Proposal: Increase the price of SL-travels during rush times (in Swedish)

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2013-04-23 Political positional warfare isn´t creating new roads (in Swedish)

2013-04-17 Service's control better for other areas (in swedish)

2013-04-15 Investigates PRT to Arlanda (in Swedish)

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