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Mobile manipulation

In a home or any other environment that cannot be perfectly controlled, true robot usability comes from the capability of grasping and manipulation of objects. Challenges include, but are are not limited to; error detection, safety aspects, navigation and localization, control, and – what this project is focusing on – grasping and simple manipulation.

Mathematics for Life

KTH researchers are developing advanced computer simulations that may help decrease the number of experiments on animals and at the same time improve environmental protection. “Simulation can already reduce the need to produce industrial prototypes,” says Johan Hoffman, professor of numerical analysis at KTH. “And computer simulation may soon be used as decision support for certain medical procedures.”

Dynamic Simulation for Robot Grasping and Manipulation

Dynamic simulation of grasping and manipulation can be very helpful in the development of algorithms and hardware. The Mechatronics group has experience from working in GraspIt! and Adams. This page explains some of the basics and show some demonstrations.

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