(foto S‐G Nilsson, ©Jernkontoret)


Searching for the perfect steel

A new theory may unlock the secret to a creating a perfect, ultralight steel, paving the way for more energy efficient vehicles and aircraft. Levente Vitos and Börje Johansson from the department of Material Sciences and Engineering, have developed a theory that describes how metals’ plasticity can evolve and change in the pursuit of the perfect steel.

Cloud Manufacturing

Are you tired of buying expensive IT equipment and complicated applications? Have you had enough of hardware and software that you constantly need to install, configure, test, run, protect and upgrade? Then cloud manufacturing is for you. Shut down your IT department and move your business to the cloud!

Xi Wang at the Department of Production Engineering conduct research on the "cloud"

Available research infrastructure

KTH has an extensive infrastructure for research and innovation with many advanced research environments available for technology and research-intensive companies and organizations.