Financial team

The financial team at the ITM school is responsible for the school's economy.

The financial team is divided into a project group where the financial officers work with one or several specific departments and an account group working with invoice processing in EFH. The team also has to financial officers working specifically with EU projects.

Name Function Phone
Linda Månsson (Parental leave) Financial Manager +46-8-790 9183

Karin Carlsson
Accounting Manager +46-8-790 7606

Project group

Name Function Telefon
Birgtta Ekblad Financial Officer, IIP & Indek +46-8-790 7613
Carola Pettersson Financial Officer, MSE & TMT +46-8-790 9154
Jeanette Jakobsson Financial Officer, EGI +46-8-790 6240
Moa Alsen Sjöberg Financial Officer, MMK +46-8-790 7668


Name Function Phone
Moa Alsén Sjöberg Financial Officer +46-8-790 7668
Sara Karlsson Financial Officer +46-8-790 7870

Accounting group

Name Function Phone
Ann Catherin Hörjel Financial Administrator +46-8-790 7648
Malin Vennertun Financial Administrator +46-8-790 7677