School of Architecture and the Built Environment

Architecture, urban studies and environmental engineering in their widest sense. These fields studied together develop a synthesis of design, technical and financial expertise into a systemic view of the built environment, housing and natural resources. Research and teaching is aimed at creating the best possible preconditions for sustainable society. Central components include strategic planning as well as the creation and maintenance of infrastructures for transport, water supply and other utility supply systems.


  • Architecture
  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Land and Water Resources Engineering
  • Philosophy and the History of Technology
  • Real Estate and Construction Management
  • Transport and Economics
  • Urban Planning and Environment

Competence centres

  • Centre for Banking and Finance (CeFin)
  • Centre for Operations and Maintenance (CDU)
  • Centre for Sustainable Communications (CESC)
  • Centre for Traffic Research (CTR)
  • Centre for Transport Studies (CTS)


Stellan Lundström t o m 2016-12-31

Deputy Dean

Muriel Beser Hugosson t o m 2016-12-31

Deputy Dean - School of Architecture

Anders Johansson t o m 2016-12-31