PhD position in Machine Design Novel friction control technologies
Two PhD students to a research project on flow-assembly of nano-structured materials
PhD student with focus on fabrication of 3D objects from cellulose and synthetic polymers
PhD student position – Tailoring of adhesion by surface modification with tailor-made block copolymers
PhD student to a research project on Solubility and adsorption of wood biopolymers at model surfaces
PhD student position in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
PhD student to a research project on Swelling of cellulose fibrillar matrices and gels
PhD student position - Controlling colloidal interactions in NFC systems by surface modification
PhD student to a research project on Tailoring of adhesion in fibrillar networks using supramolecular assemblies and double polymer networks
PhD student to a research project on Colloidal properties of nanocellulose
Associate Professor in Turbomachinery Aeroelasticity
Assistant Professor in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Assistant Professor in Biomicrofluidics
PhD Student Position in Electric Power Systems
PhD student in Building technology
PhD position in prostate cancer research with focus on spatial analysis of tumor cells at SciLifeLab
Four PhD candidates in Art, Technology and Design
Postdoctoral Fellow Scholarship in Near-Field Spectroscopy
One Ph.D. position in Structural Batteries
Ph.D Student in Computer Science; Privacy and Security
PhD position in Nanophotonics
PhD student in Biological Superresolution Imaging
PhD student position in Nuclear Power Safety
PhD Student Position in Solar Thermal Power for Stirling Engines
PhD student in Particle Transport and Clustering in Stratified Atmospheric Turbulence
PhD student for research in Integrated Engineering Environments
PhD student position in Physical/ Surface Chemistry.
PhD student on the topic Sustainable Bioenergy Development in Indonesia
Researcher – Brake wear particulate matter expert - Marie Curie Action
PhD Student in Applied Mathematics for Electromagnetic Antenna Design
Two PhD Student Positions in Signal Processing for Communications and for Biomedicine
PhD Student Positions in Automatic Control
Research Engineer in Resources Conservative Manufacturing
Professor in Real Estate Management
PhD position in Biotechnology
Ph.D Student in Computer Science : Embedded Systems Simulation and Testing
PhD position in Division of Gene Technology
PhD student in Mathematics
PhD students in Mathematics
PhD student in physics of medical imaging
Three postdoctoral fellowships in mathematics of medical imaging
Two Postdoctoral Scholarships in Fluid mechanics
1-3 Positions for Postdoctoral Researchers at the ACCESS Linnaeus Centre