The Dahlquist Research Fellowship

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) announces the Dahlquist Research Fellowship, named in honor of professor Germund Dahlquist, the pioneer in numerical analysis at KTH, Stockholm.


Germund Dalquist

The fellowship shall be awarded to a young promising numerical analyst, who:

• is no more than 40 years of age
• has a PhD dissertation more recent than 5 years
• speaks English

The award will be for full time research at KTH in numerical analysis and will carry special recognition at the School of Engineering Sciences. The recipient is encouraged to pursue her or his own research interests. The Fellow is provided with office and computer facilities within the department of Numerical Analysis at KTH throughout the award period. The award period is two years.

Award recipients

2013-2015 Erik Lehto is the forth recipient of the award. He was appointed by the board with the following motivation:

"Erik Lehto has been awarded the Dahlquist Research Fellowship for his important contributions to the field of numerical methods for partial differential equations. He has used radial basis functions to develop new methods which allow for nonstructured node distribution, leading to accurate and cost-effective algorithms. His work is characterized by a truly novel and original approach, and has potential for a large variety of applications in science and engineering."

2011-2012 Elias Jarlebring

2009-2010 Yana Di

2007-2008 Raul Tempone

The Committee

The Committee consists of faculty members from the Department of Numerical Analysis. The representatives are appointed by the Dean in agreement with the Department Chair and the CEO of Comsol Inc.

Current Members:
Ingrid Melinder, Chair of the Committee
Anna-Karin Tornberg, Department Chair
Björn Engquist, Professor, Comsol and Department
Bertil Gustavsson, Professor em, Comsol

To help with the process of selecting future recipients, the board encourages you to submit an application or a nomination for this fellowship.

Further Information

This fellowship is financed by COMSOL, Inc. and KTH.


Application information

Next call will probably be in 2015.

Germund Dahlquist, founder of NADA, worked as professor in Numerical Analysis at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and SU (Stockholm University) in 1963-1990, and as a guest professor att Stanford University in 1982-1986. He was one of the true Swedish pioneers in Computer Science.

Germund Dahlquist, founder of NADA


The Dahlquist Research Fellowship was during the period 2007 - 2012 managed by the School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH and has since moved to the School of Engineering Sciences.

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