Computer Support for KTH Students

Here is a guide to where to turn to when you need help with the computer systems at KTH.

Use the list below to find out where to turn to.
Contact information and open hours can be found on respective computer support group homepage.

Students from programs B, BIO, CL, E, I, K, Ki, L, M, Open, P, S, T och V

IT-SupportCenter, Drottning Kristinas väg 19

ITE SupportCenter

Students from programs D, F, Media and SU-students at CSC

Osquars Backe 2/Lindstedsv.3, plan 4

CSC Servicecenter

Students at ICT, Campus Kista

ICT-Helpdesk, Isafjordsgatan 28, plan 5


Students at STH, Campus Haninge

Campus Haninge

Computer Support Campus Haninge

Students at STH, Campus Telge

Campus Telge

Computer Support Campus Telge

Students at KTH Flemingsberg

KTH Flemingsberg
It-avdelningen on level 4, straight ahead after the stairs.

Computer support at KTH Flemingsberg

Students at the School of Architecture

KTH School of Architecture

Questions about the KTHCD

If you have questions about the KTH CD's you should turn to the KTHCD-project.


Masters students

If you belong to a masters student program, you should turn to the same computer support group as the related standard program, or school it belongs to.

Other students and employees

If you don't think you fit the description of any of the above, we recommend that you turn to ITE SupportCenter, Osquars Backe 20.

ITE SupportCenter