MArch Programme

KTH School of Architecture

Master of Architecture programme

The Royal Institute of Technology School of Architecture in Stockholm was founded in 1877. Last year nearly 500 students attended the courses given by almost 70 teachers. The School also has several successful research teams who are responsible for the post graduate education.

International Programme
We offer an international study environment where you will have plenty of time with the teachers to discuss and develop your projects. The School is known for coaching the students in a personal way. Students from all over the world have 24 hour access to their own Drawing Studios and also to the Library, Workshop, Digital Studio and Canteen. All courses are held in English in the 4th and 5th Year.

Overall aims of the Programme:
*To train independent, self-assured and highly skilled individuals who can lead and further development of architecture and global society.
*To allow the students to learn how to question, discuss and investigate; to find their own artistic voice; to develop an aesthetic and ethical approach; to develop new tools, creative methodology and communication; to develop networks and international
*To provide the degree course with an approach and an emphasis which permit a wide range of opinions and attitudes – to create a conducive environment for new thoughts and discussions.
*To constantly develop the subject of architecture and its teaching aims.

Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, beautifully located on several islands in the heart of the archipelago. It provides sea and forests; culture and pleasure; architecture of Asplund, Lewerentz and Erskine; urban design of welfare society; Nordic conception of space; light summer nights and lots of snow in the winter.

Bachelor Level

The education has been adapted to the “Bologna agreement” since many years. The project-based studies, in which teaching is in small teaching team groups of 20 students lead by two professional architects, a civil engineer and an artist, integrates several different academic and practical subjects. In between projects, compulsary courses in Architectural Technology and Theory & History of Architecture are held. The 3rd Year students do their Diploma Project during the Spring Term.

1st Year

Basics of Architecture; Head Per Elde

2nd Year

Tectonics and Building Design; Head Jesús Azpeitia

3rd Year

Urban Design and Complex Projects; Head Alexis Pontvik, Prof Urban Design

Theory and History of Architecture

Prof Johan Mårtelius, Ass. Prof:s Anders Bergström & Helena Mattsson

Architectural Technology

Professor Hanif Kara, Ass. Professor Tim Anstey

Master Level

The Autumn Term starts end August with a short intense course in Architetcural Technology where the students also choose the optional studio they want to attend. Each studio includes two projects in the Autumn Term and two projects in the Spring Term. The studio teachers are normally responsible for two projects each. In between the projects, there are compulsary courses in Architectural Technology and Theory
& History of Architecture. The 5th Year students do their Diploma Project during the Spring Term. All courses are held in English.

Information and applications:
International Coordinator
KTH School of Architecture, S 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden
(Visiting address Östermalmsgatan 26)
+46 (0)8 790 85 89

Applications should include a written letter, CV, portfolio and confirmed copies of credits from earlier studies.

Optional Studios 4th and 5th Year

20-24 students in each studio

1. Basic Design Studio
Through architectural projects, this Studio investigates different experiences of architecture and conceptions of space, in relation to the synthezising design process.
Ass. Professor Leif Brodersen, Aff. Professor Helena Paver Njiric

2. Advanced Design Studio
This studio deals with advanced architectural tasks, the development of complex projects as the synthesis of social, spatial and technological considerations.
Professor Johan Celsing, Ass. Professor Roger Spetz

3. Sustainable Design Studio
In order to develop new strategies for designing a sustainable society, this Studio emphazises economy, ecology, energy and new technology in relation to architecture and urban design.
Ass. Professor Markus Aerni, Professor Sara Grahn

4. Design Process Studio
The aim of the Design Process Studio is to develop new tools and methods for architectural design, and to create new forms of space.
Ass. Professor Tor Lindstrand, Professor Anders Wilhelmson

5. Performative Design Studio
The generation of digital tools makes it possible to use parametric design as a way of evolving new information systems, new ways of producing building components and architecture.
Guest Professor Marcelyn Gow, Aff. Professor Ulrika Karlsson
6. Practise Based Research Studio
The future Architect’s office is the starting point for real and academic project investigation, practise based research and team work. Among other methods this Studio uses architectural competitions as a tool for progression.
Ass. Professor Ori Merom, Teacher Robert Petrén

7. Contextual Space Studio
Changes in the physical environment constantly affect built and un-built places. We will investigate the contextual frames and make programs and design for new and existing - modern and historic - spaces.
Teacher Brady Burroughs, Lecturer Pål Röjgård, Teacher Dick Sandberg

8. Urban Studio
This studio discusses sustainable urban development in terms of globalization, climate changes, mega cities and urban strategies - transformed into new typologies and innovative urban design.
Teacher Bojan Boric, Ass. Professor Helena Mattsson

Theory and History of Architecture: Professor Johan Mårtelius, Ass. Professor Helena Mattsson, Ass. Anders Bergström
Architectural Technology: Professor Hanif Kara Ass. Professor Tim Anstey

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