Rip 14/9: The importance of post-modern science policy

The talk is part of the seminar series ‘Historically-aware research and innovation policy’, organized within the platform Making Universities Matter and chaired by Erik Arnold.

Tid: Fr 2018-09-14 kl 14.30

Föreläsare: Prof Arie Rip (Twente)

Plats: KTH Library

The importance of post-modern science policy

The reference to ‘post-modern’ will be used loosely, to draw attention to two limitations of regular science policy (including technoscience policy): its neglect of the actual complexities of knowledge production (a richer concept than science), and its falling victim to the modernist illusion of agency (even if this illusion can be productive sometimes). I will develop and illustrate these points in more detail, and explore possibilities (and instances) of post-modern science policy.

Innehållsansvarig:Sofia Jonsson
Tillhör: Avdelningen för historiska studier av teknik, vetenskap och miljö
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