• Docentpresentation: Polarforskningens värde och berättigande — då och nu

    Publicerad 2017-09-26
    Tid: Klockan 13.00 den 17 oktober Plats: Sal V2, Teknikringen 76

  • Film Screening: Awake - A Dream from Standing Rock

    Publicerad 2017-09-21
    As a part of the ENHANCE School in Public Environmental Humanities the film is shown as an open public event.

  • If You Cannot Break Ice on an Icebreaker

    Publicerad 2017-09-20
    By Justiina Dahl and Daria Gritsenko

  • Research stay at University of Tokyo, Japan

  • Stories and seeds film forum

    Publicerad 2017-09-07
    Time: September 20th 6 P.M. Venue: KTH Library

  • David Nilsson i Stadspodden om hållbar stadsbyggnad, vatten och sanitet

    Publicerad 2017-09-05
    I senaste avsnittet av Stadspodden diskuterar David Nilsson, föreståndare vid KTH Vattencentrum och historiker vid KTH, hållbar stadsbyggnad, vatten och sanitet, med Thomas Melin från Sida, och författaren och debattören Fredrik Segerfeldt. Podcastvärd är Per Ankersjö, tidigare miljöborgarråd i Stockholm.

  • Abandoned infrastructures from Arctic science as cultural heritage

    Publicerad 2017-09-05
    In July 2017, researchers from REXSAC together with collaborators from other research environments at KTH, NTNU & UNIS, conducted historical-archaeological field work at Svalbard, funded by Svalbards Miljövernfond and with logistical support from the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat.

  • "New Bussiness from Disruptive Innovation in Water and Energy"

  • New paper from Jan Kunnas

    Publicerad 2017-09-04
    Storytelling: From the early Anthropocene to the good or the bad Anthropocene

  • Postdoc in Energy History (2 years)

    Publicerad 2017-09-01
    The post-doctoral researcher will be part of a dynamic research environment with a long track record in energy studies and in which historical studies are seamlessly integrated with studies with a more present-day focus. Funded by the STandUp for Energy-strategic research programme (www.standupforenergy.se), the post-doc will further play an important part in strengthening the historical and societal dimension of KTH’s energy-oriented research. The post-doc will carry out research about the history of energy supply. Within this broad frame, the post-doc will have considerable flexibility in defining his or her own research focus. The post-doc may also be asked to participate, on a smaller scale (10-20%), in teaching and tasks of a more administrative character.

  • The Sociolinguistics of Academic Publishing - New book from postdoc Linus Salö

    Publicerad 2017-08-29
    This book presents a sociolinguistics of academic publishing from an historical and contemporary perspective. Using Swedish academia as a case study, it focuses on publishing practices within history and psychology. The author demonstrates how new regimes of research evaluation and performance-based funding are impinging on university life. His central argument, following the French sociologist Bourdieu, is that the trend towards publishing in English should be understood as a social strategy, developed in response to such transformations. Thought-provoking and challenging, this book will interest students and scholars of sociolinguistics, language planning and language policy, research policy, sociology of science, history and psychology.

  • Archipelago Lecture 2017: Dan Fagin

    Publicerad 2017-08-25
    Time: Thursday 5th October. 15.00 to 17:00 Venue: the Conference Room at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Brinellvägen 58, Stockholm

  • The Sorgfjorden Project

  • KTH scholar Dr. Henrik Ernstson joining The University of Manchester part-time from Aug 2017

    Publicerad 2017-08-14
    Dr. Henrik Ernstson at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology will from 1 Aug 2017 start a 10% part-time Human Geography position at The University of Manchester’s School of Environment, Education and Development.

  • The Travelling Scientist's Itinerary

    Publicerad 2017-08-09
    This project began as a blog, The Travelling Scientist, inviting fellow academics to contribute with stories and reflections about academic travelling. The blog later expanded into a project, “Travelling Without Borders,” funded by KTH-Sustainability. The project allowed for more systematic work with the blog content that could be used for formulating an online survey on academic travelling, a workshop at KTH and an op-ed article “Klimatforskarna förvärrar utsläpp” [“Climate scientists aggravate emissions”] in one of the largest Swedish dailies, the Svenska Dagbladet.

  • New book, edited by Marco Armiero and Richard Tucker

    Publicerad 2017-06-21
    "Lampedusa, Indomeni and Ventimiglia are the centers of a new geography of Europe, places which embody the fact that migration, borders, and bodies intertwine, creating a political ecology of humans’ movement and state’s control. Routes of hopes and desperation crisscross the Mediterranean; acts of violence and disobedience dot the fortified borders of Europe

  • Swedish Research Aid

    Publicerad 2017-05-16
    Building capacity in societies through research and knowledge is probably more urgently needed than ever. The global problems facing humankind articulated in Agenda 2030 need global awareness and the solutions require commitment, inclusion and cooperation within and between politics, policy and the research society. Sweden has a long experience in supporting research cooperation and development research in partner countries. The overall aim is to strengthen research of high quality and of relevance to poverty reduction and sustainable development with a primary focus on low-income countries and regions.

  • Open position, 2-year postdoc

  • Course in Cape Town - Democratic Practices of Unequal Geographies

  • Antropocen - ett ord för framtiden

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