Road2Science director Niki Kringos is one of the speakers at Women in Tech

Publicerad 2019-03-07

Road2Science director Niki Kringos is one of the many inspiring women to talk at this year's Women in Tech conference on March 8 in Stockholm.

Women In Tech’s mission is to inspire talented women to consider a future, or stay within the wonderful world of technology.

Women in Tech started as an event on International Women’s Day in 2014. Since then, it has grown into a community, a platform and a movement. The mission for WIT is to inspire women to choose careers within technology and media - as well as support and enlighten women already in the industry to stay in the field - through providing the network and experience from successful women and men from the wonderful world of technology. WITsthlm is open to both women and men, we need to be allies in order to push for a more inclusive future.

 The event has grown to be tremendously popular, this year the tickets has been sold out in 45 seconds.

Read more about the program and the speakers at WIT 2019.

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