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17:e December, 10:30, L42:
Semantic Aspects of Spatial and Temporal Dynamics
Dr. Ola Ahlqvist, Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University


Thinking and reasoning about the size, shape, distribution, and scale of spatio-temporal phenomena is at the heart of geography. Arguably one of the main premises of geographic knowledge is the inherent imperfection of geographic information. The application of computation and visualization to geographic information has matured but so far failed to recognize data uncertainties such as subjectivity and vagueness often expressed in terms of imprecise or vague categories. I will present some approaches to represent semantics and vagueness in geographic data and then look beyond the first obvious benefits of these knowledge structures. Through examples from studies of land cover, land cover change and urban sprawl I will demonstrate the interdependence of space-time and conceptual spaces and how this suggest a new realm for proximity, cluster, and change analysis. This, I will argue, opens a new, intriguing analytical direction tentatively termed geo-attribute space analysis.

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