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Student Competition

Do you have ideas to the broader life science field that are in line with the lab profiles? Get up to 10 000 SEK + mentoring from labs for idea development!

KTH MoveAbility Lab (associated with the strategic research area of ‘Biomechanics, Health and Biotechnology’, Dept. of Engineering Mechanics, SCI) and KTH [ A.C.T.I.V.E ]space are two research units at KTH with common interests in life science research. To bridge this gap and foster a collaborative environment between the two labs, we want to inform and attract students to the work of the labs and highlight potential opportunities for collaboration.

To achieve this, we announce the student competition with the support of the KTH Life Science Platform: the three best ideas from the competition will be awarded funding and mentoring support by each lab. The first-place winners will receive SEK 10,000 for idea development and 10 hours of mentoring between the two labs. Second-place winners will receive SEK 5,000 and 10 hours of mentoring, while third-place winners will receive SEK 2,500. Other participants will be recognised for their valuable contributions with a SEK 150 gift card.

To take part in the competition, submit your idea no later than November 24 at You will need to provide a brief description of the idea and why this idea is important. You also will need to specify how this idea can be developed.

Your idea will be evaluated by two criteria: how interesting/innovative is the idea and how feasible that it can be developed to something more.

The selected students will be given approximately four months to develop their ideas. The completed projects will be presented at a final event within the project, where participants will be able to showcase their progress and results.