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Cellulosic material Properties and industrial potential conference

The combined conference and final meeting of COST FP 1205 starts off with a two day conference that aims to map the research and the industrial potential around the areas of regenerated cellulose and nanocellulose.

Tid: Ti 2017-03-07 kl 09.00 - On 2017-03-08 kl 17.00

Plats: E1


Jonatan Henschen

Keynote speakers from both research and industry, will be followed by oral presentations of ongoing research activities around Europe. The conference will bring together experts and young researchers from European academia and industry and will encourage dissemination of the latest research works, exchanging and developing new ideas, and building collaborations between laboratories and research activities. The topics are related to advances in cellulose processing and applications with sessions focusing on: 1. Dissolution and regeneration of cellulose, 2. Science and uses of nanocellulose, and 3. Cellulose foams and films.


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