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Engineering education under construction

This Friday, March 31st, the Higher Seminars of ECE have a guest, Maria Berge, from Umeå University, Department of Science and Mathematics Education. She will be talking about "Engineering education under construction"

Tid: Fr 2017-03-31 kl 09.00 - 10.00

Plats: Salongen, KTHB, Osquars backe 31

Engineering is an acclaimed profession in society: if any structure needs to be built, engineers are the ones to be consulted. However, the idea of what an engineer is and the idea of what engineering education is are constantly under construction too. Currently, many engineering educations move towards implementing project-organised courses with the aim of fostering better team-working skills as well as better learning outcomes. The aim of our VR-financed research project is to explore different forms of shared knowledge as being established in the project groups, and what identities are favoured and disfavoured in relation to the project courses. Empirical data is collected through webpages, systematic observations and video-recordings of students during selected engineering courses, complemented with individual interviews with the participants.




Elizabeth Keller, ekeller@kth.se