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Keystone Symposium – Precision Medicine in Cancer

The Keystone Symposium in Precision Medicine in Cancer is organized in collaboration with SciLifeLab and Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

Scientific Organizers: Richard Rosenquist, Elaine Mardis and Charles M. Perou

Tid: Sö 2018-05-06 - Fr 2018-05-11

Plats: Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm

Thanks to next-generation sequencing, we have started to unravel the genomic landscape that contributes to the pathogenesis and/or evolution of several major cancer entities. For the majority of cancer subtypes, a quite diverse and complex mutation pattern is observed, with a limited number of frequently mutated genes accompanied by a long tail of genes with low-frequency mutations. Some of these genes have already been implied to have diagnostic, prognostic/predictive and even therapeutic impact, while most mutations still require functional validation. In parallel, large efforts have been made to design novel strategies targeting key cellular pathways and processes, which in turn has led to introduction of targeted therapy in selected entities. However, there is still a gap-of-knowledge and urgent medical need to determine how to combine the genetic information with risk-stratification and treatment algorithms in the individual patient, i.e., precision medicine. This symposium will highlight large-scale sequencing efforts carried out in different cancer types, including both solid tumors and hematological malignancies, which have paved the way for the incorporation of next-generation sequencing-based approaches into routine clinical diagnostics and every-day patient care. The conference will encompass the rapidly evolving field of disease monitoring by ultra-sensitive sequencing of tumor-specific mutations, as well as introduce novel approaches and other omics technologies and functional studies that will aid future efforts in precision medicine. Finally, successful examples of how genomic findings have spurred development of targeted therapies will be presented. In summary, the symposium will bring together basic scientists, translational researchers and clinicians to meet and discuss concerted action toward precision medicine in cancer.




Mikaela Friedman