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Stories and Seeds film forums: Wall·E

The last session of the Stories and Seeds film-forums will revolve around the idea of Earth as a spaceship with the film “Wall·E” (2008). The event will be chaired by Sabine Höhler, physicist and historian who currently heads the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. Sabine’s research interests cover the cultural history of science and technology, environmental history and feminist science and technology studies. Her work on the history of space flight and ecology focuses on Spaceship Earth as a key metaphor in the late twentieth-century debate over the world’s resources and the future of humanity.

“Wall·E” (2008) presents a dystopian future where the Earth is over-run with garbage and devoid of plant and animal life, the consequence of years of environmental degradation and thoughtless consumerism. In this context, a lonely small waste-collecting robot inadvertently embarks on a space journey to rescue his beloved Eve. Little he knows that he is about to ultimately decide the fate of mankind.

During this event the new “Environmental Literacy Library” hosted by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory will be presented, in which a collection of classics and masterpieces of environmental writing will be made available to the public.

Admission is free, and a refreshment will be served to the attendees during the event.

The event is organized by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory. Stories and Seeds is a project funded by the KTH Sustainability Office.

Tid: On 2018-04-18 kl 18.00

Plats: Salongen, KTH Biblioteket


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