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Utställning "Isotop"


Tid: Fr 2018-04-27 kl 17.00 - Sö 2018-04-29 kl 16.00

Plats: KTH R1

Welcome to the exhibition ISOTOP. Students from the Royal Institute of Art Stockholm (KKH) and Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) will show their works at the nuclear reactor R1 – located 25 meters below the ground. R1 was the first nuclear reactor in Sweden but is today used as an experimental space for music and arts. 

This exhibition marks the end of the one-year course, Isotop, which examines the Swedish nuclear-power history, context and political landscape, led by Björn Larsson and Lina Selander at KKH. The exhibition is held in collaboration with HfG, where students have researched the photo archive of the Nuclear Research Center in Karlsruhe within Susanne Kriemann's seminar Untitled (Archive). 

Fredag 27 april kl 17-24 (18 performance in elevator, 19 speech in big room)

Lördag 28 april kl 12-18

Söndag 29 april kl 12-16

Tillhör: KTH R1
Senast ändrad: 2018-04-18