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Workshop on Biomechanical Imaging

The main focus of this workshop is to discuss the use of different imaging modalities at a macro and micro scale to obtain mechanical properties of biological tissues. Researchers from different Swedish universities will present their work in this field with two invited speakers from abroad:

- Dieter Pahr (TU Vienna): Computational biomechanics
- Roberto Blanco (University of Oulu): HIFU-MR

More info in the web of the workshop.

Tid: To 2018-02-22 kl 09.00 - 17.00

Plats: KTH Campus Flemingsberg, Room T2 - Jacobssonsalen, Hälsovägen 11C, 14157 Huddinge

Topics covered in the workshop:
- Photoacoustics
- Shear wave elastography
- Cardiac MRI
- Ultrasound imaging
- MR Elastography
- Traction force microscopy
- Bone biomechanics

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Rodrigo Moreno and Matilda Larsson