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Chennai: Safe Cyberspace and Sustainable Development for Women – Stakeholders Consultation

This event is organised by Sweden Alumni India Network India (Tamil Nadu chapter) in collaboration with Madars School of Social Work and Chevening Alumni India, and is open to everyone.

Tid: Fr 2019-12-06 kl 09.00 - 14.00

Plats: Madras School Of Social Work, Sulaiman Zackria Avenue, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

In India, Information and communication technologies (ICTs), the digital platforms, have strengthened women’s presence in the public and political domains. As the work environments in the digital platforms grow, so is the digital violence against women. This is evidenced by the sharp increase in cybercrime rates, in particular against women and children. In the year 2017, one-fifth of the cybercrimes registered are against women. This is an extension of gender inequalities in the socio-economic and cultural spheres of society. Thus it is important to create safe cyberspaces to get full advantage of the digital spaces for the development of women.

To realise this goal and uphold women’s human rights, it is important to work towards eliminating all cyber technology-driven violence against women. The nature of digital platform violence includes cyber-stalking, surveillance, privacy breaches, sexual harassment, unauthorised use and manipulation of personal information like images and videos. Addressing the issue demands consultation with multiple stakeholders such as organisations working on cybercrimes against women, lawyers, government representatives from the police force, administrative services, civil society movements, women organisations, and technology experts.

As an initiative towards the goal, Swedish Alumni India -Tamil Nadu (SANI-TN) in collaboration with Madars School of Social Work and Chevening Alumni India is conducting a stakeholder’s consultative workshop on “Safe cyberspace and sustainable development for women”.

Expected outcomes
• Creating a Platform for understanding stakeholders perspectives in addressing the issue cyber crimes and gender equality
• Developing resources and support group
• Networking with the stakeholders and planning the future course of action

Key spekers are : Judge, Madras High court, Chair womens commission, Criminology Department, Madras University, General Secretary, AIDWA, Tamil Nadu, DIG-Police, SANI-TN and MSSW.

Date: 6 December
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: Madras School Of Social Work, Egmore, Chennai-600008, Tamil Nadu
Contact: Dr.Arivukkarasi
Registration: Register here

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