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Introduction to KTH Library for new students

In the beginning of the semester, the library invites all new students to an introductory event.

Tid: To 2022-09-08 kl 16.00 - 17.00

Plats: KTH Library, Osquars backe 31

Språk: English

Guy reading in the library. Photographer Magnus Glans.

Register for the introduction 8 September 16–17

Last day of registration is 7 September.

If you want an introduction in Swedish you can register for Introduktion för nya studenter 7 september .

For an hour you will:

  • get a guided tour of the library 
  • activate your library account so you can borrow books 
  • learn how to access the library's e-books and databases 
  • meet staff from the library's various support functions, such as tutors in academic writing, talking book introductions, and information retrieval 
  • have coffee and mingle with other students and with the library staff 
Library patch

We will also have a competition where you can win the KTH Library's own patch. 

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