Ny utställning - Get Wet!

Publicerad 2018-03-22

Utställare: KTH Vattencentrum
Tid: 2018-03-22 (Världsvattendagen) - 208-05-17
Plats: Bibliotekshallen, Huvudbiblioteket

Water is everywhere in our economy, in nature and culture. We need water for food production, for energy use, for industry, ecosystems, human consumption and leisure. Water binds society and nature together across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. If water knows no bounds, so must we. Sustainably managing water requires collaboration across disciplines, political borders, and sectors in society.

The WaterCentre@KTH started in 2017 as a wide collaborative effort at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Their purpose is to stimulate innovation through new forms of collaboration, connecting researchers at KTH with key actors in society.

This exhibition shows selected activities taking place across KTH that contribute to meeting the global challenge of water.

Get wet!

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