Mission Statement and Vision

One overall vision of the Forest Products Industry in Sweden is that the nation in about eight years, from 2007 (when the Centre started), should have a leading international network of Universities and Institutes within the Forest Products Sector. The major hub in this national network is KTH and Research Institutes on the KTH Campus; and the role of BiMaC Innovation is to use this network to attack central, industrial problems, and to address relevant societal needs in a paradigm-shifting manner through innovation.

The ambition is that the Centre will continue after ten years and should be regarded as an important outlet for Forest Products related innovations on the KTH Campus.



To create paradigm-shifting breakthroughs in the forest-based sector that drive research into innovation.

This translates into:

  • Generate breakthroughs in the scientific understanding of Biofibre-based materials
  • Generate new biobased materials, where the properties are customised through structured tailoring from molecular to macroscopic levels by combining mechanical, materials and (bio)chemical engineering
  • Spearhead innovation and development of sustainable biofibre-based materials


To be an important facilitator for renewal and innovation in the forest-based sector.

This means:

  • Creating a research environment where material physics, mechanics, chemistry and biotechnology are combined and utilised to define the relationship between production process parameters and material properties
  • Science-based, interdisciplinary tailoring of material and product structures to enable the development of geometrically complex structures with new levels of product performance, aiming at expansion of existing markets and entry into new ones
  • Developing completely new product concepts based on wood fibres and showing their potential via demonstrators together with existing and new companies
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