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Achieving 100% Error Coverage With Error Contracts

A developers guide to Node.js error handling perfection High test coverage is useful but 100% error coverage should be a greater priority. User experience is destroyed by generic or non-existent error messages due to unhandled errors. The UX problem: When unhandled errors are passed to the frontend it; best case – exposes highly technical or … Continue reading “Achieving 100% Error Coverage With Error Contracts”

New search solution on KTH

We started before the summer in 2017 by probing the market to find out which search service options were available. These came in different flavours and met different needs but they can be roughly divided in to the following categories…

Version Control All The Things

Sometimes you come across good stuff that inspire you to do things right. Three years ago i listened to Jeff Humble talking about Continuous Delivery on the excellent podcast Software Engineering Radio. The show is now three years old, but that podcast had a deep impact on the way KTH has designed it´s deployment pipeline.