Now it feels like winter !! 10 survival hacks for this season.

After being fooled by Snow forecasts for more than half a dozen times in past one month, it finally snowed in Stockholm yesterday. I could feel the excitement among people by the way my Facebook feed got flooded with “yaay it snowed” posts within few hours. It snowed non-stop for more than 8 hours till it was all covered in white.


On the way to our apartment


Snowfall in Kista

Enjoying the first snow

Enjoying the first snow

Ten Survival Hacks for Winters

Now that I can officially feel winters are here, I can share all the tips I got from people to survive winters in this part of the world.

  1. Exercise: Regular exercising has a really calming effect on the body and it causes the body to release endorphins, which make you incredibly happy and improve sleep as well. Utilise your sunlight hours if you’re a fan of exercising outdoors, but if you work out at a gym, it’s good to go there when it’s dark without wasting the precious bright hours.
  2. Bath Daily: One of the easiest explanation for skipping bath is “it’s cold“, but you might be inviting a lot of uninvited skin problems if you do that. So stay healthy and make use of that refreshing hot shower.
  3. Eat Healthy: I read a study which said that nearly 70% Europeans suffer from low levels of vitamin D. All credit to the limited sunny hours, so make sure that you make up for those low levels, also keep a good intake of fresh fruits, veggies, and legumes. Low levels of vitamin D are linked with depression. In short, take vitamins to avoid depression.
  4. Buying Winter Clothing:
    • Wool: Just remember, “wool” is the word that should be on your mind when you go shopping, get woolen socks, sweaters, mittens, scarves, mufflers.
    • Layer Up: With central heating, it’s nearly 20°+ indoors, so you don’t need all those thick clothes all the time, layer up when you go out, take out some layers when you come indoors.
    • Jackets: It’s good to invest in a good winter jacket- the longer, the better. Down Jackets are real life savers, one of my friends who works in the clothing industry suggested me that jackets at the sports stores are always more sturdy than the ones you’ll get at fashion stores. Read this guide to buying down jackets.
    • Boots: Buy boots with solid, thick rubber soles. And yeah, buy a waterproofing spray to prevent snow from damaging them. It takes some time to get used to walking in snow.
    • Walking Poles: Still unable to walk in the snow? Buy walking poles, they’ll surely help you. Watch this video to learn how to properly walk with BungyPump.
  5. Keep a track of weather forecast: Keep checking weather forecast for next couple of days, if it’s going to be sunny, go out and explore some places, it’s extremely beatific. But yes, carry a warm jacket and umbrella in your bag, the weather is really moody out there.
  6. Hibernate: If you’re fond of watching back to back movies or complete seasons of TV shows on a trot, well then you’re perfectly suited for Swedish winters, in case you’re not traveling or going out this is a perfect way to stay indoors.
  7. Snow – your new friend: If you come from a place where you never experienced snowy winters, watching snow and snowflakes is going to be exciting for sure. Go out make a snowman and have fun. Bring out the inner child, look what my friends made yesterday:Masterpiece from Aditya, Rohit and Kushagr
  8. Take up a winter sport: Befriend the winters, there are a lot of things to do in Sweden. Try skiing, ice-skating, or go on a trip to Kiruna and discover the unimaginable ways to enjoy winters.
  9. Travel: Well if we have talked about Kiruna, you can obviously head north and see the breathtaking view of northern lights, see what 24-hour darkness is like. If you’re bored of darkness, then head south, a lot of people go to Spain, Greece to feel comparatively warmer and brighter weather.
  10. Socialise: Don’t forget to keep meeting friends, Its sale everywhere these days, go out and shop with them, it’s really important not to isolate yourself during winters.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, there’s only bad clothing.


Enjoy the winters, while I enjoy this view outside my apartment window.