How to pick a university to pursue Master’s !!

The first thoughts

Normally the quest for pursuing Master’s starts with a sudden realisation – It’s not going well like this, I want to go for Master’s, and the daydreaming begins. Once you are past that exciting phase and zillion instances of imagining yourself as the protagonist of all the college movies you’ve ever watched. The real conundrum starts… Where shall I apply, Which country, which university, which program and all sort of confusions.

The lazy solution

There seems to be an easy way of getting everything done, that’s how laziness lands people at doors of so-called “career counselors” who claim to suggest you “the right career path” just after looking at your CV and scores for 5 minutes, they seem to have a recipe to land you at the perfect grad school. They’ll end up giving you a couple of ranking lists and tell you about ambitious, normal and safe universities. And will make you apply to universities on the basis of their perception of universities rather than your career preferences and charge you hefty amount of money for that. And that’s how my friend, you pay for getting fooled.

It all starts with some Self Analysis

The process of selecting your university starts at asking yourself some basic questions (that’s something people avoid to do these days). Now the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is  WHY! what is driving you to study for 2 more years, what makes you not go for a job. What do you want to achieve after you’re done? Normally there are three options from my observations so far

  1. Some people go on to work in companies after their master’s.
  2. Some people keep working and pursue Ph.D. after their master’s.
  3. And some people end up being entrepreneurs and have their own start up’s by the end of their master’s or some years after that.

Tip: KTH offers good opportunities in all three domains, although if you aim entrepreneurship you must also look into EIT Digital programs.

So decide which one is your path (maybe you have something else in mind as well), but once you’re past this stage you have got some criteria to look at the universities. Now look at the one that offers opportunities to you. Now there are some ways of getting to know about your Target university:

  1. Alumni: There is no better set of people to tell you about any university than the alumni of that place, ask the alma-mater about how  it was for them. Their present occupation may also give you an idea about where you can land after you graduate.
  2. Rankings: Look for rankings of your university, but don’t commit the mistake of looking at the global rankings, look at the department specific rankings, they’ll tell you more about your course. But ranking should not be the only criteria.
  3. Social media: Nearly all universities are on Fb and twitter These days, follow them to know about the activities.
  4. More social media: There are groups of present students of FB, join them ask the present students about the scenario.
  5. Job Prospects: Look for job prospects after graduation. You might like paying a visit to this site. It has site has breakdowns of graduate destinations and can help you match your subject to possible job areas.

Some more tips

  1. Have a backup plan: When you’re putting one year at stake, don’t be dependent one just a couple of applications. Have a backup plan, apply to some more universities that have the programs that match your choice.
  2. Never too old: Never ever think that you’re too old for Master’s, I have people in my program who are even aged above 30 and now decided to pursue master’s so remember age is just a number.
  3. Be prepared: If you have been working for a couple of years or more, it’s quite evident that you have been out of touch from the academics, give some time to revise the basic subjects to have an easier time when you start your first semester. Once admitted it’s even advised to ask “what to study beforehand” from the second year students.

I hope this is helpful for the aspiring people out there. If you’re still confused if you should go for master’s or not, take out some time to read this blog.

Need KTH admissions related help? See this page.

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