A walk in the woods

Few months ago, when it hadn’t started to snow in Stockholm, my friend Abu used to go for jogging daily in the forest near our apartment, which stretches from Kista till Hallonbergen, he always used to say that it’s really nice and refreshing place. So, one day I thought of going with him for the jog; it had rained on the previous day so it was all misty, and it turned out to be so spellbinding that it couldn’t have been expressed in words. Today, I stumbled upon the pictures I took that day, have a look at them.


That’s the mystic view, see some more pictures from that day.

woods01 woods03 woods04 woods05 woods06

I’m waiting for the snow to melt away so that I can go back there again, that’s the very place where I took photographs of Northern Lights.

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