Holi #2: Rang Barse at KTH

My personal experience tells, there is a deep deep relation between exams and Holi, they always find ways to stay close to each other in the calendar. This year was no different, so on 24th March, when it was holi, nearly everyone was busy with exams or project deadlines.

But it was decided to play it after exams on April 2nd, and with support from KTH and the student union, the event was nicely organised by Flavours KTH, from getting colors all the way from Germany to getting all the formalities done, it all turned out very well. Although cold weather played a bit of spoilsport, but dancing kept everyone warm. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

Holi Fun

KTH Holi 1 KTH Holi 2

KTH Holi 4 KTH Holi 3 KTH Holi 18

Colorful Faces

KTH Holi 8 KTH Holi 9 KTH Holi 10 KTH Holi 14

KTH Holi 19

KTH Holi 11KTH Holi 5 KTH Holi 6 KTH Holi 7

Crazy Dancing

KTH Holi 13

KTH Holi 17

The DJs

The DJs

KTH Holi 21

Best part was, that families from Stockholm also joined to play with us, so there were kids playing around with colors as well.

Note: These are few of the 150+ photographs I shot yesterday. If you were there and want all of the pictures, just drop you email ID in the comments and I’ll share them with you. I’ll share them on the facebook event as well.