FAQ for Autumn 2016 admits

I’m writing this blog to address the queries of the prospective master students who would be joining KTH in Autumn 2016. Here are the questions I have recently and my response to them:


Should I buy electronics from my home or buy in Sweden?

Electronics products, mostly Laptops and phones are expensive in Sweden compared to most of the countries, in my experience, I have found prices of most of the products 20% cheaper in India than in Sweden.

You can read about shopping for Sweden on this blog. 

Are there contracts for mobile phones?

Yes there, are you can check various offers on the websites of Comviq, Telia
(Use Google chrome to translate these websites to English)

Are there student discounts for mobile subscriptions?

Yes, Comviq has a couple of student plans, Telia gives 50 SEK discount on their all plans to students. Some operators like Hallon and Vectone are super cheap. Lyca is also quite cheap.

What would be estimated expense for first 3 months?

You can read a recent blog about Living Expenses in Stockholm for details on that. It would be same for most of the days, it’s just that you’d have to buy some stuff for your apartment that you feel, pay for the student union membership (330 SEK), and buy the regular price SL card during the first month.


How do I buy Travel Card (SL Card)?

You can buy SL card at any metro station (even at airport) at a shop called Pressbyrån, which is at every metro, you will have to pay 20 SEK for a new card and then load it with any ticket (Day pass, 72 hour,Weekly, monthly, three months), If you don’t travel much you could just load any amount in multiples of 100 SEK, and you’ll pay 25 SEK for every journey (valid for 75 minutes).

What public transport can I access with the SL Card and it’s coverage?

You can access any transport operated by SL in Zone A (Which includes all of the Stockholm and some suburbs). You can travel on all the Buses, Metro, commuter rail, tram and light rail and some Ferries operated by SL.
Here is a detailed zone map of SL, bus routes not in this for obvious reasons.

How can I get the student discount?

Student discount is only available on monthly tickets and 3-month tickets. When you’re loading your SL card you just need to ask for the student ticket (Don’t need to show any proof). You can also recharge your SL Card online or at the Kiosks. At times, there are random ticket checks in Metros or at the exits or stations, at that time, you’ll need to show your Mecent Student ID, as a proof of being a student. For the month of August don’t buy student ticket because you’d be enrolled as a student only from September.

For this, I would write a detailed blog about Public Transport in July. 


How can I access banking in Sweden?

The basic requirement for having a bank account here is to have a Personal Number (that makes you a part of population register), Once you get that you can open a bank account.

Banking is neither free in Sweden, and nor you get any interest. However, for students, there are options for free accounts in ICA Bank, Nordea and Swedbank. But, for opening a bank account in Nordea and Swedbank you’ll need to have a National ID card, which costs 400 SEK (If you’re staying more than a year in Stockholm, I’d highly recommend getting one). So if you don’t have a national ID, ICA bank is your only free option. ICA is also a chain of supermarkets, so they offer some weekly discounts to the students as well.

How can I get money from my home to Sweden?

If you have a travel card, you can load it from your home bank account. Also, you could do a bank transfer from your home country to your Swedish bank account. Pretty much it’s same as the way you paid your tuition fees, it’s just that this time the payee would be you instead of KTH.


Are there any stats about how many people get jobs after masters?

As far as I know, there aren’t any. Since I get this question only from my Indian friends, I know where it comes from. There is no culture of campus placements in any country except India. The way it works is, you get ample opportunities at various Job fairs and a lot of company sponsored events to interact with people. It’s then your part to make contacts and do the follow-up conversations to get yourself an Interview.

As far as I have perceived, there is just one big key to land a job here Network with people, meet as much as people, I was at a recent event a month ago and there was a speaker at that event, who told that 4 out of 5 jobs in Sweden are in Small companies, and 7 out of 10 jobs in Sweden are not advertised, so that presents the significance of networking.

Also, a lot of students go on to form their own start-ups, couple of my friends have started their companies as well, many go for PhDs. Some go back to their old jobs with higher salaries due to improved qualifications. So you can’t actually have any exact figure for this.

How significant is Swedish language to land a job?

As per my experience, it’s very significant, you can survive in Stockholm very easily without Swedish. But again most of the jobs are in small companies, so they usually prefer candidates who can speak Swedish.

All the past blogs significant for prospective students are linked on the following page, and the future blogs would be linked here too.

Let me take you to Stockholm

If you have any more queries, just drop a comment below

12 thoughts on “FAQ for Autumn 2016 admits

  1. Soumyaranjan

    Hey, this was a brilliant one.
    Waiting for your blogs to get a more clearer idea on getting student discount on transport and what necessities should be bought here at india instead of stockholm.

  2. Soumyaranjan

    I just had one other thing in mind which I am having trouble with…….it is that once i reach there how am I going to use the money in my account in India at sweden…i mean there are lot of options like getting forex card…or wire transfer just as I did it for my fees……!
    But it would really helpful to students like us if you could give a brief opinion about this on your blog……thanks……!
    I am sure many students are having the same doubts and they don’t know whom they shud be asking!

  3. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Soumyaranjan,

    If you intend to use your Indian debit/credit cards here, make sure you replace your normal card with a Chip card from the bank which is Visa or Mastercard (International Debit cards), it’s highly recommended. Normally my advice is not to use your Indian card for regular transactions because banks charge a bit higher rates than the rate of currency and the rates keep going up and down.

    If you have money in your Indian account and want to use it, it’s better to withdraw a big amount on a day when the currency is cheaper.

    Alternatively with banks like HDFC, you can get your Forex cards linked to your bank account and directly transfer your money from your bank to forex cards, it takes around 24 hours.

    What I usually do to get money is to get it directly remitted to my Swedish bank account, which is I guess the cheapest way.

    If you’re carrying only a forex card, I would suggest carrying some cash, because there are times when Forex card services are blacked out for maintenance for as long as a day. Otherwise, not much cash is needed here. Everyone accepts cards or Swish (I’ll talk about Swish later, it’s a way of transferring money by an app)

  4. Soumyaranjan

    Hey thanks for the info.

    I guess…it will take about 2-3 weeks for getting a swedish account. Till then I think some amount of cash would suffice. Also Forex cards does not charge for POS right? But withdrawals from ATMs will charge heavy fees. That is why I think of keeping cash with me till I get a swedish account!

  5. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Normally you don’t need cash, I came with 2000 SEK cash last year and I’m yet to finish it all.

    And buying cash is more expensive than loading it on Forex card (they charge higher rates for cash). While withdrawing here in Sweden is not very expensive, 15 SEK per withdrawal. Take out 1000 SEK once and that would be all you need.

  6. Soumyaranjan

    So just a one time or twice withdrawal would be maximum i need……!
    Okay then…..thank you very much!
    I am sure this will benefit other students too.


    I made fee transfer into KTH account
    The Forex Agency charged me 100 SEK as NOSTRO Charges
    What are these charges and how much of it is levied

  8. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hello Swapnil,

    I don’t know anyone who made transfers through Forex Agencies, mostly everyone did Bank Transfers, but as far as I know, Forex Agencies have their accounts in foreign banks and then they use to transfer money to your payee. So this maybe the charge to transfer from India to Sweden. That’s my guess.
    Because whenever I get money from India into my Swedish account, I also have to pay 60 SEK per transaction.

  9. Dario

    Thank you very much for this wonderful and useful blog. You answered lots of questions I had.
    I’ve never been abroad for a long period before. So I’m a little concerned about language issues. Do you think that it’s really possibile to improve both English and Swidish languages at the same time?
    Do you have any tips to learn Swedish faster?
    Very good job Abhineet

  10. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hello Dario,

    Glad that this helped you.
    Language won’t be a trouble, I’m yet to find a person in Stockholm who doesn’t speak English.
    However to learn Swedish, it is recommended that you take the Basic Swedish course offered by KTH to all the new students (who have registered of course).
    In longer term it is better to Join SFI (Swedish for Immigrants) or you can take a Swedish Language Course as a part of your program.

    And don’t worry about the language problems, you’ll have easy time here.

  11. Boys quilt covers

    Hmm it seems like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any recommendations for newbie blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

  12. Abhineet Tomar Post author


    It’s great that you’re liking this blog, I am not a pro in blogging but the best tip I can offer you is that you should know who exactly is your audience and write your content according to that. Blogging for KTH has surely helped me to stay focused because I already know who are going to be the majority of my readers.

    All the best for your blogging plans.

    PS: You can mail me your previous comment, I can surely answer you over email.

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