Moving out of India to study? – This should definitely help

As a bonus for all my readers, especially for the Indian students moving out of India to pursue higher education; I had the pleasure of having the very famous, Akash Gautam as a guest blogger with some great and valuable tips for everyone who intends to live outside India for Studies.

Keep reading to benefit from the very helpful and practical advice from him:

Moving out of India to study? – This should definitely help

The world was never simpler to travel to as it is in today’s times. If we go by the figures, each year over 3 lac students fly out of India, aiming high for bright careers, higher salaries and millions of dreams.

However, moving to a different country could be tricky at times and especially for the ones who are going out for the first time. ‘Akash Gautam – How do I mentally prepare myself for the uncertainty ahead?’ As a motivational speaker & career counsellor in India; I regularly get so many anxious queries about the same. So to make it easier for those who go out, I have some clever suggestions to help you mentally prepare for inspired & fun times ahead.

Money is Important but not more than the health or your aim

Once you reach any foreign country, you slowly start realising that how cheap are the living costs in India and sometimes some people start converting the prices of everything they’re about to buy to rupees and end up depressed just after grocery shopping.

Don’t do this, remember, that health comes first and to keep a working mind, you need to have a healthy body, so never compromise on food, you can choose to skip eating outside and rather cook yourself to keep the budget under control.

Some students also start focusing more on finding a part-time job and then once they get it start devoting too much time to that job, compromising their studies, don’t forget that the real motive of coming this far was not to do this odd job, but it was to get a better education. So never ever compromise on your studies for a job that’s not aligned with your career.

Don’t start thinking of ROI (Return on Investment) from day one, try to achieve excellence during the time you are a student, now that you’ve invested money, it’s great to invest some time as well, but don’t overburden yourself, rather follow that strategy of smart work, and increase your skillset, and never pressure yourself, that never yields positive results.

Be as a wise shopper, though, there is no concept of MRP in most of the European and American countries, so shop wisely and find the cheap stores, everyone has their own selling price, find the better ones.

Adapt to the education system

When you reach a new country, you’d obviously find a different educational system and a different approach to problem-solving, don’t freak out, it’s totally fine to give yourself time to adjust to it, don’t feel inferior to others who are already used to it, in some time you’d also get adjusted. So no worries, no pressure. And yes, don’t compare your stage 3 with someone else’s stage 8, this is like pushing yourself into the pit of depression for an illogical reason.

If you’re in Europe, try to learn the language, that would be always good to give your profile a boost.

You are INDIA

Yes, you read that right, the moment you step outside the confines of your country, you carry this very important responsibility, you might be the only Indian person a random foreign person meets, and they might end up generalising the rest 1.2 billion people on the basis of how you treated them, so make sure that you contribute to that positively, this also includes your conduct in public places.

Don’t demean your country, there will be always some people who start saying ill things about India the moment they step out of the country, well guess what it’s your privilege that you are from a country that enabled you to be able to go abroad for education, moreover Indians are looked with higher respect with respect to people from neighbouring countries.

Be yourself

Don’t try to become some other person to blend in with others, if a person befriends you is because they see an Indian friend in you, don’t disappoint them while trying hard to imitate them, in frank words, don’t try to become a fake angrez, be Indian, because that’s what you are, no fake accents, no useless bashing of your country, stay in touch with your roots, and it will always bring good results.

Socialise internationally, but don’t forget your roots either

This is something in which you need to find a perfect balance, some people just don’t come out of their comfort bubble and end up spending all their time with that Indian friend circle of few people they met initially, then what is the point of being miles away in an International environment. This will be a big problem for you, career wise as well, the key to finding a good job is networking in most of the countries, so if you don’t know people you indirectly don’t know the opportunities. But in a bid to know a lot of people, don’t follow that “I don’t want any Indian friends” strategy either.

It’s totally fine to miss home

Missing home is very common thing, especially for people from India, who don’t miss any chance to be at home at all the festivals, and then suddenly you’ll have all the Holi-Diwali evenings away from home, stay in touch with your family, don’t lose touch with them, a 30 minute skype call is just 1/48th of a day, but that will give an inner peace to both you and your parents. It’s good to socialise to avoid depressions due to homesickness, specifically for people going to Nordic countries with dark winters.

Be ready to multitask

There is a very common excuse for doing no chores at home in Indian homes, “padhai kar raha hoon”, and as the parents see you studying they are happy and they would do everything to you and you’d get everything on a platter, this spoon feeding roots another problem.

When you start living as a student outside India, there would be No Aai or Bai (mom or maid), so you have to cook, do the dishes, buy grocery, do laundry, clean your place, all by yourself and after all this, you have to STUDY as well. Be mentally prepared for this, it’s not impossible or tough, everyone else is already doing that, so it is obviously manageable, but never compromise on food. If you don’t eat properly, in no time your health will deteriorate and you’ll get sick, so eat healthy cook healthily.

Step out of your comfort zone

This applies especially to people who go to study after working for a while in India. They have a tendency of trying to apply their existing knowledge (juxtapose their old experiences against the challenges they face). Don’t overdo it. Break that bubble of the comfort zone and open up your mind to learn new things, believe me, it would be the best decision you’ve ever made. This is the most awesome time to add cross-contextual learning to your skill set.

Be bold, be experimental & most importantly be emotionally more competent. Trust me- studying abroad will be much more fun then.

About the Author

Akash Gautam is a Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer & a Career Counsellor in India. He talks to make people Happy, Energetic & Focused. He is known for his unique events which are Motivation minus the boring Gyaan & are only that which actually gets needed in life & at work. You may know about him and his work on his website HERE

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  1. Soumya Ranjan Nanda

    I loved that “Moving out of your comfort zone” part because its true and i have felt it. After working for 2 years i suddenly started preparing for GRE, CAT and I knew that I have lost that zeal in me.
    I struggled a lot in order to get on track and clear my mind for the new methodologies that i started studying.

    This was really helpful. Thanks.

  2. Vijaya bonu

    Any advise particularly for girls.
    Somewhere could not get the point of being bold ,experimental and most importantly be emotionally more competent.
    Culturally we are brought differently .

  3. Bijoy Chaterji

    Thanks Akash…
    Your article helps me to prepare myself mentally to go abroad.
    There are many things we have to face which we haven’t think in our dreams also.
    You have covered many aspects. Nice It is.
    Actually i want to go in Australia for Master studies.
    So can you help me by giving the details information about Masters in Australia?

  4. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hello Bijoy,

    Great that you liked the blog, unfortunately I don’t have any information regarding the master’s in Australia, I’d recommend looking at individual university webistes.

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