30+ useful apps for new students

Here are some app recommendations from me. All the links are for the Google Playstore, sorry for no Apple AppStore links, but you can just look up by names.


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Google Maps

Best traveling app for any country; gets you everything from public transport to cycling and walking directions.

MAPS.ME Offline Map

Best offline maps app, has cycling directions also.

SL: Journey planner & tickets

Official SL app, you can buy tickets on this app as well.

STHLM Traveling

This is my favorite because I can have my frequent routes saved here to have quick access.

Stockholm Rail

A map of the Stockholm metro with live status of each station (bus and metro both)


One of the best services to travel around Europe. Probably the cheapest way to go to Copenhagen.


Accommodations for traveling.


Swish Payments

Transfer money by phone (You need a Swedish bank account)

Bank ID

A lot of uses for this, for verifying your identity. (You need a Swedish bank account)


The tax agency, if you work here, this is handy for filing tax returns and a lot more things.


Share expenses.


Track your monthly budget and expenses.

ICA Handla

Track the weekly offers at ICA supermarket.

Lidl – Offers

Track the weekly offers at Lidl

Staying Connected


I recommend buying Skype credits for making voip calls, I use this to call to India and it’s quite cheap (~ INR 1/min)

Meetup – Make community real

The best way to socialize with locals with similar interests.

Staying Organised


I find this for taking class notes. Notes can be organized in notebooks.


Another Competitor of One note, I usually use this for travel notes.


Great note taking and checklists app.

Doodle: Meeting Planner

This is a great meeting planner app.

Cal – Calendar Google-Exchange

A better version of Google Calendar with an attractive UI, you’ll need calendar a lot, all the classes can be tracked on it.

Any.do: To-do

Another great To-Do lists app



Great way to learn a new language.

Memrise – Learn Languages

A perfect way to improve vocabulary in any language.


Northern Eye Aurora Forecast

This is very handy, there are at least 3-4 chances every year to see Aurora Borealis in Stockholm.

Natural Scientific Calculator

One of the best scientific calculator apps out there.


Who want’s to pay for a Gym trainer.

Public toilets in Stockholm

Don’t be surprised, This is in-fact one of the most useful apps.


Very handy to decide how many jackets should you be carrying.


The most important app, this is the proof of you being a student in Stockholm, will need to show the Mecenat card or the app when tickets are checked in the metro, avails a lot of student discounts as well.


Last but not the least, keep the music playing.

Did I miss anything? Drop in the comments and I’ll add it (Don’t say FB, Twitter or Instagram)

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