Two weeks at TIME European Summer School

Among all the perks of studying at KTH, its collaboration with various universities and organisations opens a door for us to attend courses at a lot of locations across Europe. Top Industrial Managers for Europe conducts a yearly summer school – TESS with different projects at various universities. There were various projects divided between universities at Stockholm, Trento, Paris, Istanbul, Budapest and Srilanka.

That's how it worked, everyone can see us work and we could see everyone else, all the time.

That’s how it worked, everyone can see us work and we could see everyone else, all the time.

And that's how we gave daily presentations.

And that’s how we gave daily presentations.

Experience at the University of Trento

When I was applying for the summer school, I found the location as well as the topic at the University of Trento in Italy quite interesting. So I decided to go there, there were three of us attending the program and surprisingly all three of us from KTH.

The way it worked was, all the student groups were working at their respective locations on their projects and we were connected to each other via video conferencing. There used to be one invited talk every morning about some new topic of research, and we worked on our respective projects afterwards for the rest of the day, after that we had to present our work via video conferencing to everyone else in the evening. This continued until the last day, and then after submitting the final project report we presented all of the work we had done with results and conclusions.

One or the perks of lunch break was this scenic cafe, the university is located on the top of a hill in Trento.

One or the joys of lunch break was this scenic cafe, the university is located on the top of a hill in Trento.

And this is where we stayed.

And this is where we stayed.

Our Project

The project that we worked on during summer school was a technology called HTC (Hydrothermal Conversion) which is a highly efficient new technology developed at the University of Trento used to convert organic waste directly to Greenpeat (something similar to fossil peat). Our supervisor, Daniele had worked on the technology during its development so he had great in-depth knowledge about it. Our work was to study the feasibility of expanding this technology into developing countries, its impact and to analyse its sustainability aspects from the environmental, economical and social point of view. For our case study, we chose the city of Jakarta.

The Study Visit

The summer school also included a study visit, and we went to the waste management plant of a company called Contarina Spa, which is doing a great job in waste management and also developing and testing some new technologies. The silver lining of this visit was the location of this plant, it was 30 minutes away from the iconic city of Venice, so after spending our morning at the plant, we used rest of the day to explore the colourful streets and canals of the majestic city of Venice. You can see the pictures from that visit on this blog.




My stay in Trento was very pleasant, and the biggest reason was the amazing people I met there. Three of us attending summer school explored all the places together from Trento to all the lakes and cities nearby, which made it more fun. Our host Virna was very helping and made sure that we didn’t face any problems, our supervisor Daniele not only taught us about greenpeat but also gave us great travel tips, in fact he dropped us to Venice by his car; our student collaborator Giovanni took us around the city of Trento to one of the nicest pizzerias in town. On top of everything, the city of Trento is a heavenly place in itself full of vineyards, apple, cherry and plum trees, I would love to go there again sometime in future. I would be writing another blog about the city and the places I visited soon. This summer school also gave me a chance to enjoy one of the best bus journeys of my life, read about it below.

The Longest bus journey of my life (YET)!