KTH Innovation and Start-ups : The story behind Windiglobe

Among the variety of questions that I receive from KTH aspirants, one of the recurring query has been “Can you tell how KTH and KTH-Innovation assist us in starting our own companies“, I personally had no experience about this, so I had to refer them to other people to get accurate info. Nearly a month ago, I saw facebook status of my friend Sunay that his startup got incubated at KTH Innovation, I thought why not to share his story so that it can help other to find direction if they want to do something similar. So here is a short conversation I had with him over a cup of coffee this weekend.

ME: How did you approach KTH Innovation with your Idea?
We had an idea which we saw as a potential business opportunity, so we decided to approach a business coach from KTH Innovation to identify the opportunity and feasibility of our idea. We had the additional benefit that one of our co-founders had the experience in emerging markets, which helped a lot with the preliminary market research. Our idea kept on evolving for few months and once we were confident about our business plan, we laid out a structured and stepwise strategy with goals for at least next six months. We applied to the KTH Innovation pre-incubator phase-1 with our plan and fortunately, we were one of the seven startups who got selected. Our company is called Windiglobe.

ME: In what ways did KTH Innovation help you in materializing your idea.
Our business coach from KTH Innovation guided us in framing and structuring our idea from the start. He is very helpful and proactive in connecting us with the relevant people, providing access to the resources and making sure that we move ahead.

ME: How long have you been working on this (before and after getting incubated)
We started working in February ’16, nearly four months before we got incubated, and it was during the STING Test Drive Sustainability program from April to June ’16 when we progressed really fast. We got accepted into KTH Innovation pre-incubator program in mid of June ’16.

ME: Tips for people aiming to start their companies and money stuff?
I can share some insights for sure,

  1. If you have a solution to a problem, you should approach KTH Innovation because they can really help you in refurbishing your solution and identifying the business opportunities.
  2. Even with an amazing idea, sometimes we don’t clearly understand the problem that we are solving. Therefore, communication with experienced business coaches is really important in realizing the potential of your idea.
  3. You must be self-aware that you need to be really passionate and stubborn about evolving your idea into a startup in order to keep it going for long.

ME: What is your company all about?
Windiglobe is a cleantech startup in Stockholm producing affordable and decentralized electricity in Tanzania through innovative pico-scale wind turbines.The work in Windiglobe started back in 2011 as a student project and since then, a lot has happened. Today, we are at a point where we already have interested buyers and local partners in Tanzania. We currently work in our office at KTH Innovation with access to business coaches, lawyers, professional training and funding opportunities. Our team is international, diverse and brings specialized experience in renewable energy, product development, sales, and marketing. Now we plan to get new team members as well.

ME: Oh, you’re hiring !! What are you looking for, maybe I can spread the word?
SUNAY: Yeah sure thank you!, we are looking to include two more team members, preferably students, and I can share the details as well.

  1. Product Engineer – Windiglobe is looking for a student who can lead as a product engineer to design, fabricate and implement pico-scaled wind turbines. As our product engineer, you will be heavily involved in the design process of our first prototype, which would result for you in immense satisfaction & recognition.
  2. Sales-Oriented Business Developer – Windiglobe is a new cleantech startup run by students in Stockholm and looking for a part-time business developer to design & execute market entry/scaling-up strategies for pico-scaled wind turbines in emerging markets. Some of the key challenges for you could include:
    • Selling to customers who are not yet aware of wind turbines.
    • Manage to attract a larger customer base in limited purchasing power market.

ME: Are you participating in KTH Campus fair?
Yes, Windiglobe will be representing KTH Innovation and also be presenting its case during the KTH Campus Fair on August 26, 2016. If there are passionate people out there interested in providing electricity to people in emerging markets, they can feel free to drop by and meet us.

I hope this helps anyone who aims at starting their own company while studying at KTH. If you want to know more about KTH Innovation, check out their web page.
This is a great employment opportunity as well if someone wants to discuss regarding Windiglobe can get in touch with Sunay at sunaygupta@gmail.com

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