Hike from Riva del Garda on Old Ponale road

Before leaving for Trento, one of my friends has suggested me that if you have a choice of going to just once place near Trento, it should be Riva Del Garda, then a day before leaving for Riva, my friend Federico suggested to go on a hike on the Old Ponale road.

The old Strada del Ponale offers great views of Lake Garda. It is reserved for hikers and cyclists and one of the biggest attractions of the upper Lake Garda. This road connects Riva del Garda and the Valle de Ledro (Valley). Garda is Italy’s largest lake with a length of 52 kilometers, and Riva del Garda sits on the northmost edge of Garda.

Although we didn’t go till Ledro Lake as we wanted to catch the last bus back to Trento, we hiked around 7 kilometers till Pregasina enjoying the panoramic view of Garda Lake.


When arriving at Riva Del Garda, this picturesque view welcomes you to the town.


The town is surrounded by gigantic mountains/


There are regular ferries/cruises going to other towns situated by Garda Lake.


By the Lake


We started climbing up the hiking trail and the view started getting better and better.


This is one of my favourite shots from the day.


That rock looks as if someone has pushed it out from the bottom to make a slope.


You will find a lot of cyclists on the trail.


And a lot of tunnels as well.


That’s three of us.


And that’s the view on the way to Pregasina at Top.


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