SNNC – A party not to miss!

Do you like organizing parties? How about a party with a secret theme? What if I told you that party hosts 1500+ guests? And out of those guests, some might be the Nobel laureates!!

Before you start doubting the veracity of what I just said, let me tell you that I’m not joking. There is such a party organized every year in Stockholm called SNNC (Students’ Nobel NightCap). This is organized by students so if you are a student in Stockholm, you have a chance to be a part of the organizing team for this party.

The aim of Students’ Nobel NightCap is created by students to celebrate the Nobel laureates. And it takes place after the Nobel Banquet every year, it is a magical occasion with a different spectacular (and secret!) theme every year.

Four student unions (Stockholm University Student Union, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår, Medical Students’ Association and The Student Association at the Stockholm School of Economics) in Stockholm take turns to organize the party every four years.

Last year, in 2016, it was the turn of Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (Student union at KTH) to organize this, and I was one of the members of the organizing team as well. I worked as the Light and Sound director for around six months before the party. And believe me it was an awesome experience.

If you want to be a part of this year’s SNNC, which will be hosted by Karolinska Institute this year, Apply here. Also, follow the Facebook Page of SNNC for more updates about upcoming recruitments for different positions of the project team.

I will share some photos from my experience with the project. Here are some photos from the construction week when nearly 300+ students were working day and night to turn the student union into a party venue with a theme of GAMES

Construction week

The final result – Grand Party

It was indeed a unique experience working with SNNC 🙂

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  1. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    It is a student project, so the work is voluntary. You don’t get paid for any student project as far as I know. But the experience is worth it, be it Armada, SNNC or any other student project.

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