Paving your way to KTH [Useful info for New Admits]

NOTE: The application period for Autumn 2018 will start in Mid October 2017. This post contains general information relevant for Autumn 2017 term. Please check the KTH web page and migrationsverket website after you get your results. As of August 2017, this post is outdated.

Now that the second notification of admission results is also out and by now all the fee paying students would have already received the Tuition Fee invoice and Insurance document. Let’s go through what you need to do now.

In case you missed it, here is the basic information that was given at the Pre-Departure event organized by Destination Sweden in India

Destination Sweden Seminar 2017

Paying your Tuition Fee

To proceed with the admission process, the first thing you need to do is to pay your tuition fee, my advice is to do it asap, as this is where you confirm that yes, I’m coming to Sweden and then you can proceed with rest of the formalities.

How to pay: 

  1. Paying Online: You can pay using a VISA/Mastercard online, that’s how you’d be paying your apartment rent if you take accommodation through KTH.
    KTH Payment portal
  2. Bank Transfer: The details of the bank are although mentioned at the bottom of the invoice, but I’ll again write them here:

KTH, Universitetsförvaltningen

Company No – 2021003054
VAT No – SE202100305401
Phone – +46 (0) 8-790 6000
Email –
Bank – Danske Bank, 10392 Stockholm
FOR PAYMENT WITHIN SWEDEN: Bankgiro: 5194-8743 (OCR)
FOR INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS: IBAN – SE15 1200 0000 0128 1011 8744

If you pay by bank transfer It takes a couple of days to get it updated in the system. If the status doesn’t change for 3-4 days to PAID, you can send an email at, they will send you a confirmation.

Please verify the bank information from your invoice.

Information regarding reimbursement of tuition fees

Extenuating circumstances

The tuition fee can be fully reimbursed if a cancellation of studies is caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control. For example extenuating circumstances can be that the student’s cancellation of studies is due to their residence permit having not been granted. It can also be serious illness or death of the student, the student’s partner or member of the immediate family that prevents the student from attending the education. Under these circumstances the upcoming or ongoing semester’s tuition fees can be reimbursed.

Reimbursement can be made up to the amount corresponding to the remaining ECTS credits for the current semester. For the upcoming semester the whole amount of the tuition fee, excluding transaction fees shall be reimbursed.

Change of fee status

Reimbursement of the tuition fee for the upcoming semester can be made up until the start of the semester. When a change in fee status is made during an ongoing semester, reimbursement of the tuition fee is not possible.

Cancelled degree programme or single course

Students admitted to a degree programme or single course that is cancelled by KTH before the start of the programme/course are entitled to reimbursement.

A written request for reimbursement, including supporting documentation certifying the change in fee status, shall be sent to for assessment.  The decision on reimbursement is made by the university director.

Source: KTH | Application and tuition fees

Apply For Residence Permit

This is essentially most important part of getting to Sweden, and since it is time taking, it’s better to do it asap. You can apply for RP online.

Application Portal

The process of applying for Residence Permit

The process of applying for Residence Permit


  • You must prove you have Sufficient funds to cover your living expenses during the period for which you are applying for, A minimum of SEK 8 064 per month is required to be shown.
  • You will be getting a Residence Permit for one year, you need to show finances for at least ten months. Read more.
  • You need to show money in your bank account. Loan sanction letter, FD, money in joint account, or anything like this will NOT work
  • The bank account shall be operated singly by you and should not be a joint account.
  • Attach a copy of most recent bank statement verified by the bank
  • Get a certificate from the bank stating something like this on their letterhead:
    This is to certify that <YOUR NAME> is maintaining a saving Bank account Number <ACCOUNT NUMBER> in our branch since <DATE>. As on date <DATE> account balance is Rs.<AMOUNT IN FIGURES> [Rupees- <AMOUNT IN WORDS>.
  • Few more details about required amount of funds required:
    Student type Expected length of Residence Permit Financial support to be shown
    One year in Sweden (Programmes like EIT or NordSecMob 10 months 10 months
    2 year Master’s Programme 12-13 months 10 months
    (I would recommend 13 months)

    In general, 10 months of financial support is enough for both 1-year and 2-year students, because they will get a residence permit for about 1 year anyway. However, according to my experience, it is always good to show that you have little bit more financial support.

Timeline for Residence Permit

Timeline for Residence Permit (Migration Agency will inform the decision to your Embassy)

  • If your application has all the required documents, then it takes around 2 months to get a decision, however, if you are asked to provide extra documents, it may take up to 3 months. You can also track your application online.
  • The official document which is a proof of your acceptance to a master’s programme in Sweden can be downloaded as a PDF on your university admissions portal.
  • Once the decision is made, then the migration agency dispatches your Residence Permit cards from Sweden to your country, and those could be tracked on the website of your Embassy.
  • Going to the Embassy for Biometrics is specific for India, this might be different for other countries, moreover, wait for 3-4 days after submitting your application till the application shows as registered before going for the biometrics.

You can also track your application online
Track Application

Apply for Accommodation

Apply for accommodation as soon as you have paid your tuition fee invoice, but no later than 31 May 2017.

Housing application

If you have any preferences for any particular accommodation, make sure to mention it in the application.

I would surely recommend getting accommodation through KTH, as it is very tough to get an apartment by yourself in Stockholm.

Detailed info about KTH Accommodation, with rents and apartment photographs, is on  >> THIS BLOG.


Network with other students who’re joining KTH in Autumn 2017, Facebook and Whatsapp are good ways to do so, it becomes a good way to help each other and clear small doubts.

Follow the official KTH International Students Facebook page for updates.

This is one of the active groups that I’ve found on Facebook, I’ve also joined it so might be able to answer some of the queries there. You can also join the group created by the student union for information sharing.

If you want to connect with any of the students from your programme try to connect with the Student Bloggers of KTH, it would be good to know about your programme beforehand.

Book your Flight

It’s advised to book a flight before the ticket prices soar, make sure to take advantage of the extra baggage allowance offered by the airlines to the students. Once you’re in touch with others, it would be great to travel together. If you want to enjoy the Swedish summer, arrive on the first of August.

Make sure to arrive on one of the Arrival days (August 1, 20 & 21), as then you’d not have to face hassles of getting from airport to the city and the arrival services will take you to KTH.

Read more about Arrival Services here

Get Forex/Multicurrency Cards

In Sweden, you can survive without cash, the only place you might need coins would be to use Public toilets. Still if you want, you can carry a little bit of cash, and load rest of your the money on a Multicurrency card, make sure that your card is PIN protected, otherwise, you might need to carry passport everywhere for doing transactions until you get a Swedish ID. However, most of the banks would require you to have your Residence Permit before issuing you these cards. Load your forex cards with enough currency for paying rent for two months and travel and living expenses.

If you’re carrying credit/debit cards from the country of residence, make sure it is a chip card and pin protected.

NOTE: If you are coming from India, and want to continue using your Indian phone number (For OTP etc), switch to a service provider which allows international roaming. From my experience, I can say only Airtel prepaid connections work without any extra charges. It might be a good idea to switch to Airtel now.

Important Dates

15-31 May: Application round for pre-sessional English course is open. Class starts 2 August.
Mid-June: Housing confirmation from KTH Accommodation

1 August: Arrival Day (recommended Arrival for Exchange students)
2-19 August: Introduction activities for students who are taking a preparatory language course or choose to arrive early for other reasons.
20-21 August: Arrival Days
20-27 August: Introduction activities for students who are not attending an intensive language course.
28 August: Academic start of the year.

Add this to your calendar, it will help you keep track of activities.

There will be more blogs in this series of Pre-Departure blogs intended to help International Students arriving KTH this autumn. The following page on my blog has the tentative list of blogs that I’m going to publish and there are links to some great blogs from other KTH Bloggers that might be useful. Feel free to subscribe to the blog to get updates straight to your e-mail.

Let me take you to Stockholm

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