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NOTE: The application period for Autumn 2018 will start in Mid October 2017. This post contains general information relevant for Autumn 2017 term. Please check the KTH web page after you get your results. As of August 2017, this post is outdated.

I’ve been getting a lot of queries about accommodation provided by KTH, so here are answers to some of the FAQ.

How do I apply for accommodation

If you’re a fee paying student, and you’ve paid your tuition fee for the first semester, then you’re eligible to get guaranteed accommodation through KTH, if you haven’t applied for it yet, follow this link to do so.


Email Id to reach out KTH Accommodation: accommodation@kth.se

What are the facilities included in the student accommodation?

Most of the essential amenities are provided at the accommodation. Electricity and water rentals are also included in the rent, and except two of the locations (Ärvingevägen, where I live and Skrapan), Internet is also included in the rent. Although the internet is not so expensive, we pay 250 SEK/month for 250 MPBS connection.

Basic amenities include bed, mattress, table, and chair. There would also be refrigerator, cooktop and oven at your place. You might be lucky to get more stuff if the previous tenants have left some stuff behind (It’s quite common for people to leave behind microwave ovens, utensils, carpets etc). Laundry is also included in your rent, and there are common laundries in all apartment which is shared by a lot of people and hence you have to book in advance.

What about the rent? When and How?

You have to pay the rent through the KTH Payment portal


What if I want to leave my KTH accommodation?

You have to tell KTH accommodation office two months in advance in case you want to end your contract.

Can I live in the same apartment for the second year of my programme?

As of 2017, this has changed. Now KTH guarantees 11 months of accommodation, after that, you have to find on your own.

If you stay with KTH Accommodation and plan to stay in KTH for longer than 2 semesters, it is recommended to join the queue for student accommodation at SSSB. You can join the queue for free by registering at SSSB. You do not need to have a Swedish personal number to do so and you should do this as soon as possible in order to get more points in their queue system. You should have enough points within 11 months to be able to get housing from SSSB. Even if you are not planning to stay longer than 11 months at this moment it is a good idea to register with them, it does not cost you anything.

What is the rent of the student apartments?

Here are the rent details of all the KTH accommodations:

Single Room

Address Room Type Area(㎡)   Distance(min)   Price(SEK/month)
KTH Kista Central
Hemmet, Campus KTH Studio 21 30 10 6200
Jyllandsgatan, Kista Studio 27 40 17 5200
Skrapan, Vartoftagatan Studio 23 20 28 6 5200
Björksätra, Skärholmen Studio 25 40 40 30 5400
Hälsovägen, Flemingsberg Studio 23 35 35 20 5000
Ekebergabacken, Farsta Corridor 18-25 35 50 20 3300-4300
Hanstavägen, Kista Studio 20-24 30 15 5000
Ärvingevägen, Kista Studio 25 40 10 17 5000
DKV, Campus KTH Corridor 20 28 10 5000
Lappkärrsberget Corridor 18-24 15 50 20 4300
Kungshamra, Bergshamra Corridor 18 15 35 15 4100
Industrivägen, Tyresö Corridor 12,18,36 50 55 30 3400,3600,3900

Shared Room

Address Room Type Area(㎡)   Distance(min)   Price(SEK/month)
KTH Kista Central
Skrapan, Vartoftagatan Studio/2-room 31-34/42 20 28 6 3400-3700/4600
Hemmet, Campus KTH Studio 27 30 10 3800
Ekebergabacken, Farsta Corridor 24-44 35 50 20 2500-2900
Skrapan, Vartoftagatan Studio 31-34 20 28 6 3400-3700
Ärvingevägen, Kista  Studio 25-49 40 10 17 2600-3800
Hälsovägen, Flemingsberg Studio 23 35 35 20 2600
Hanstavägen, Kista  Studio 24 30 15 2600
Ekebergabacken, Farsta Corridor 24-44 35 50 20 2300-2800

 Last Updated: March 2017

Can I have a look at some of the apartments?

Sure, there you go.

Hemmet (Bhawan)







acc-bjor1 acc-bjork2

Kista – Ärvingevägen



Kista – Hanstavägen (Galleria Apartments)



Kista – Jyllandsgatan

DKV – Corridor Rooms

Lappis (Corridor Rooms)


Skrapan, Vartoftagatan



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26 thoughts on “KTH Accommodation FAQ

  1. Soumyaranjan

    It’s good to see all the info. on one go. It really helps. Thanks.

    I was wondering, how difficult is it to get an apartment (shared) at hanstavagen, Kista (Kista Galleria) or at fleminsberg.?

  2. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Soumyaranjan,

    It’s not difficult, just mention in your accommodation form that you’ll prefer to opt for that location, KTH has a lot of apartments leased, especially in Galleria.

  3. Suthesh Kumar

    Heyya Abhineet,

    A question; would you recommend one getting the accommodation near to the campus they are close with? As I see most of the campuses are not exactly a stone throw away but I too notice that most of the events in the campus happens in the main campus or at Kista? Appreciate your advice. 🙂

  4. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Suthesh,
    Hemmet and DKV are practically on the campus while all the accommodations at Kista are 10minutes walking distance from Kista campus.
    I feel it’s better to live near the campus where your course has most of it’s classes. If you live in shared studio apartments then you’ll find Kista to be cheaper, I’ve been living at Kista, and my life has been easy here (maybe because I had all my classes at Kista campus), however traveling 30-40 minutes is also not a big deal either, I’ll have to go to main campus for a couple of courses this year so I’d be doing that too.

    Sorry for the late response, I’m traveling this week out of Sweden so don’t have internet access all the time.

  5. Suthesh Kumar

    Hey Abhineet,

    Thanks for your swift reply and don’t fret over the late replies! 😀

    Thanks for the tip too! From what I understood my faculty will be at Flemingsberg so I think it would be safe to get the accommodation right there, assuming that most of the lectures for SHT will be there. Like you said, it shouldnt be a problem travelling either and I wont mind an adventure too! 😀

  6. Arham

    Hi Abhineet,

    I got lappis single corridor room but did prefer dkv. How good is lappis? Should I accept it or look out for something else?


  7. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Arham,

    Lappis is a student housing area, I would say take it, it’s good, a lot of students from different universities, it’s quite a lively place, it has its own advantages, and it is not much far, just one metro stop away, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes to reach KTH from Lappis.

    It’s easy to get free and cheap second-hand stuff at Lappis as well, so it’s good for students in that sense also, and there is a small beach as well at Lappis.

  8. Phil

    Hello quick question!!
    Where you say internet is provided, is this wifi or “plug in the wall Ethernet”


  9. Fermín

    Hi Abhineet,
    I’m starting a master degree next year at KTH and I have a few questions concerning accomodation.
    Is the KTH accomodation program also open for non-fee-paying students?
    In case it is not open, how difficult is it to find an appartment near campus? Where are the main student zones un stockholm? (neighborhoods with student life)
    BTW, I’m finding your post really helpful. Thanks a lot!

  10. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Fermin,

    Unfortunately, the accommodation is not guaranteed for non-fee paying students. However, it’s always good to be in touch with KTH accommodation as I have seen non-fee paying students getting apartments in case there are some vacant ones. The best way is to register yourself on SSSB queue. There are some other queues as well, but for them, you have to pay.

    Honestly, it’s quite difficult finding an apartment, but start looking on all the facebook groups (I have mentioned them on this blog). Also keep an eye on blocket.se

    I hope this helps, all the best.


  11. Shant

    Hi Abhineet,

    Due to some unforeseen situation I’ve got deadline extension(few days) for paying my first instalment tuition fees. In this case, I can’t book an accommodation before the deadline (May 31st).
    So will I be able to book an accommodation after deadline and have a guaranteed accommodation even after that?

  12. Shant

    Good to know that .And yes, I’ve mailed them too and yet to receive a reply .
    Thanks for your reply Abhineet ! 🙂

  13. Sunny Jain

    When do you usually get to know the housing you’ve been allotted?

  14. Nafisha

    Hello. I got admitted at KTH in Msc in Electrophysics. Already got a studio apartment with kitchen&bathroom in Ärvingevägen 16, 1109,164 46 Kista, Sweden.Do u have any picture regarding this type of studio apartment. I will stay with my husband. Is the place very small? Please suggest.

  15. shashanka

    Hi Abhineet,

    I am shashanka, I am starting my masters at KTH this year.
    Thanks for all the info you provided through this blog.
    I have some concerns reading the accommodation during the second year of the studies.
    Since KTH does not provide accommodation during second year, what are the chances of getting a housing through SSSB ? I have already registered in SSSB (BY the end of first year will I have enough points?).
    What is the worst case scenario ?
    Any tips would be helpful.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


  16. Pournami


    I got my accommodation at Kista – Hanstavägen. Is it good? Also I got the shared room. When I checked the images, it showed like a single bed. So will I have to share the bed too? Or will there be 2 beds in the same room?

  17. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Pournami,

    There will be two separate beds, the pictures I have shared are from a friend who lives alone so he has kept both the beds together. but those are two beds that could be kept at two different places. The apartment is good and is at a very convenient position. The only downside is that there are no ovens in the apartment kitchen (there are only microwave ovens). So if you need to bake anything, you have book the common kitchen where they have ovens.

  18. Johnny

    Very nicely summarized information, Thank you

    I just got allocated at Ekebergabacken, Farsta, very cheap rent, but Took me 55min to get to KTH main campus. I guess as an exchange student, I can’t choose where we want to stay?
    but seriously I don’t mind pay some extra in order to stay near the main campus :<

  19. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Johnny,

    Well, you can ask KTH accommodation to allot you something nearby, but that has very low chances of getting you something.

    Alternatively, you can ask on your facebook/whatsapp group if someone who has got an accommodation at DKV (Hemmet or corridor) rooms, would like to swap with you. As they will be saving almost 1000 SEK a month on rent if they do so.

  20. Sinduja

    Hi Abhineet,

    Can I have some pictures of Jyllandsgatan, Kista Studio rooms

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