The Ultimate Student Packing List

A couple of years ago, when I was coming for Master’s, we had an active group of students, who compiled a great list of things we would need once we are living as a student. I thought of sharing that list here, so inspired with that. Here is a list of everything you need as a student.

Note that, you don’t need to bring all this stuff from home, this is a list of things that you’d need, now it’s up to you to decide what you want to bring from home and what you wish to buy here.

For those who are coming to Stockholm, I’d suggest going through my previous blog “Let’s go Shopping for Sweden” to make a better decision of what to bring and what not to. This is a more generic list intended for a wider audience.

Passport Formals
Residence Permit Suits
Flight Ticket Tie
Multicurrency/Forex Card Undergarments
Debit/Credit Card (Chip + PIN) Thermal Wear
Cash Winter Jackets
Notification Letter Rain Coat
Welcome Letter Scarf/Muffler
Insurance Sweaters
Degree Certificate Hand towels
Transcripts Bath towels
All Documents (Copies) Nightwear
Photographs (Passport Size) Jeans
Driving License T-Shirts
Phone shorts
Laptop Gloves
Chargers Formal Shoes
Travel Adapter Sports Shoes
Spike Buster Casual Shoes
Power Bank Indoor Slippers
USB Hard Drive Socks
Flash Drive (Pendrive)
Wireless Router LUGGAGE
LAN Cable Wallet/Handbag
Headphones Rucksack
Speakers Backpacks
Camera Laptop Bag
Memory Card
Spare Batteries Caps
Steam Iron Socks
Cooker Sunglasses
Water Bottle Spectacles
Lunchbox Soap Box
Flask Hand Sanitiser
Plate Hand Wash
Bowl Hair Oil
Spoons Shampoo
Fork Conditioner
Knife Tooth paste
Mug Tooth brush
Can Opener Dental floss
Strainer Mouth wash
Tumblers Deodorant
Scissor Soap
Pan Tissues
Peeler Face Wash
Veg Cutter/Dicer Face Cream
Salt Sun Screen
Rock Salt Body Lotion
Red Chilli Lip Balm
Turmeric Powder
Chaat Masala Nail Cutter
Daniya Powder Razor
Zeera (Cumin Seeds) Mirror
Black Pepper Comb
Mustard Seeds
Groundnut Powder
CurryLeaf Powder Epilator
Sevai (Vermicelli) Nail Polish
Jaggery Remover
Tamarind Hair pins
Coconut Powder Safety Pins
Garlic Paste Hair Clips
Ginger Paste Rubberbands
Besan Hair Bands
Maida Earrings
Desiccated Coconut Scientific Calculator
Cinnamon Cello tape
Cardamom Masking Tape
Cloves Pen
Tea/ Coffee powder Whitener
Amchur Click Pencil + Lead
Vadam Eraser
Appalam File Folder
Paruppu Podi Pen Holder
Sambar Podi Marker
Rasam Podi Highlighter
Molaga Podi Notebooks
MEDICINES (Check Bans) Envelopes
Thermometer Labels
Crocin Rubber Band
Cold and Flu Stapler and Pin
Crocin Pain Releif Sticky Notes
Volini spray Scissors
Gelusil Paper
Vicks Paper Clips
Balm Paper cutter
Itch Guard Tags
Band Aids Scribbling pad
Savlon/Dettol RANDOM
Hot water bag Sewing Kit
Strepsils Ziplocks
Burnol Hangers
Inhaler Keychains
Prescription Medicines Mini-Toolkit

To make it more convenient, I have made a printable checklist of these items, you can subscribe to my blog getting for future blogs on email.

Download Packing List

Let me take you to Stockholm

9 thoughts on “The Ultimate Student Packing List

  1. Vishnu

    Hi Abhineet

    A good list indeed. I would like to know which travel card did you purchase to use SEK in Sweden for the first few months? I’m looking to chose between ICICI(since I have an account in ICICI) and Axis Bank(no account)

    Please let me know your thoughts


  2. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Vishnu,

    I would suggest ICICI, because if you have an account there, then you can recharge it online to transfer INR in your account to SEK anytime. I used ICICI multicurrency card, till I got a Swedish bank account.

    I don’t know about Axis, but some of my friends have HDFC, the problem with HDFC is that sometimes their cards are not pin protected, so when you pay, you have to show an ID which matches name on the card, but guess what, Multicurrency cards don’t have a name on them, so there have been times when the cashier won’t allow you to pay for security reasons.

  3. Vishnu

    Thanks a lot, Abhineet. I will check here regarding the name and pin on the card. There is one more question – How long does it take to get a swedish bank account? Earlier it was like a 3 months wait to get an account, how about now?

  4. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi Vishnu, If you apply for your Personnumber as soon as you arrive. You get it in 2 weeks. As soon as you get a personnumber, you can apply for a Swedish ID, which you will get in another two weeks.
    And when you get the Swedish ID, you can go to any bank and you’ll have your bank account instantly, and get the bank card etc in less than a week.

    So It would take around 5 weeks including everything if you are proactive!

  5. Moon Paul

    I am planning to get cash and the international debit card for whatever transactions required before making a bank account in Sweden, instead of getting forex cards. Is it a good decision?

  6. Abhineet Tomar Post author

    Hi, Not a very bad idea as long as your bank provides a good exchange rate and you get cash for a good exchange rate as well.

    Usually, Multicurrency cards cost nothing, but when you load any currency into them, then the exchange rate is better compared to when buying cash. Moreover, if you pay with the international debit card, you’ll pay the exchange rate for that particular day, which might be fluctuating.

    Though, it will take about a month to get a Swedish bank account. So, if getting a multi currency card is a hassle for you, you can bring cash & international debit card. I used my Multicurrency card only for two months till I got a Swedish bank account since then I’ve been using my Swedish account for everything!

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