Let me take you to Stockholm

If you intend to attend a Master’s program at KTH, bookmark this page right now, I’ll try to make this a one-stop guide for everything needed; starting from application till your arrival in Stockholm.

If you scroll down, you’ll find links blog posts from that I’ve published regarding this. I plan to make it as good as I can. Still, if you’re looking for something and can’t find it here, just write to me.

If you’re still not sure about doing Master’s, read these couple of blogs to clear up your head:

Now if you’re sure about going for master’s, go through the following blogs.

Applications and Funding:

  1. Application Process for Master’s at KTH [Autumn 2017]

  2. Finally, it all comes down to money: Expenses and Funding

What to do after results are out?

Pre-departure Guide

  1. Cost of Living as a Student in Stockholm ★ [Updated: March 2017]

  2. Let’s go shopping for Sweden ★ [Updated: May 2017]

  3. The Ultimate Student Packing List 

  4. 30+ Useful Apps for New Students

  5. Welcome to Stockholm! Arrival days and other important info. [Updated: July 2017]

Arrived in Stockholm!! A quick survival guide

  1. STHLM Guide #1: Public Transport in Stockholm

  2. STHLM Guide #2: Exploring Stockholm

  3. STHLM Guide #3: Shopping in Stockholm

  4. STHLM Guide #4: Banking for Students in Stockholm

  5. STHLM Guide #5: Getting a personal number [Updated: Aug 2017]

  6. Healthcare for International Students in Sweden 

  7. Preparing for winters

Exploring places around Sweden

Paris • Prague • Tallin • Spain #1 • Venice • Riva del Garda • Trento  • Norway • Lisbon • Sigtuna

Career Related Stuff

  1. Career options after Master’s in Sweden

  2. Dos and Dont’s for CV & Cover letter in Sweden

  3. Finding Part-time jobs, Summer jobs, and Internships

Last Updated: 13 Aug 2017