Soon to be unveiled: the Dome of Visions, KTH campus!

IMG_7904A year ago I was informed that 100 astronauts would visit KTH for a conference in mid-September 2015 – so (of course) I proposed that our architecture students could design a Space Pavilion to mark the conference. Well, we like to give our students a chance to see their designs built … the idea went down well and one year – and many meetings – later, we organised a student competition for a temporary pavilion for crisis areas and extreme environments (i.e. not just in space). The winning pavilion by Stefania Dinea has now been built inside a structure called The Dome of Visions, a joint venture between the construction company NCC, and KTH. Opening on 22 September, for the Inspired by Space conference, it creates a venue for public exposure of ongoing research, artistic experiments and innovative projects – a one-year-long collaboration between academia and industry to inspire the development and design of a sustainable society. Stay tuned for the forthcoming debates and activities by our brilliant team of curators via

3 positions – Artistic Professors at Uniarts

Stockholm University of the Arts invites applications for threeScreen Shot 2015-06-09 at 20.00.08 Artistic Professor to the following profile areas: “Concept and Composition”, “Site, Event, Encounter” and “Art, Technology, Materiality”.

Applications will be accepted up to and including 31 August 2015.

Pssst! There’s a new venue at KTH: The Dome of Visions


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 07.41.22The Dome of Visions creates a fantastic opportunity to expose ongoing research, for example at the intersection of art, design and science, during the next academic year – don’t miss out!

We now invite research groups, teachers and students at KTH to contact us if you are interested in using the Dome of Visions as an experimental venue to share your ongoing research or planned teaching activity this coming academic year. We are looking for commitment and participation across KTH, and particularly seek proposals that include a public element in the activity.

Opening in September 2015, the Dome of Visions provides a venue for public exposure of on-going research, artistic experiments and innovative projects on campus. The Dome of Visions will host events from partners such as Stockholm University of the Arts, Konstfack, OpenLab, IVL etc. Curated exhibitions will stimulate debates, seminars and other public events. The Dome of Visions project seeks to create impact by presenting innovative projects that can inspire the development and design of a sustainable society.

Four themes will guide the activities in the Dome of Visions: Influenced by Space (September-November 2015), Energised by Nature (December-February 2016), Empowered by the City (March-May 2016), Challenged by Water (June-September 2016).

Read more on the KTH intranet. Contact details and the invitation letter can be found here: DoV_Inbjudan_KTH150517


A new initiative at KTH!

On 20 May, the CSC school at KTH invited fellow researchers and collaborators in artistic research for a one-day workshop on the premise that the CSC school may host a new centre for research at the intersection of art-design-science. We welcome this new initiative that aligns with our previous efforts to ensure that KTH, like many other leading technical universities worldwide, support this form of interdisciplinary practice. The CSC school already hosts the Centre for Opera and Technology, currently renegotiated with the new Stockholm University  of the Arts, and has several engagements with design and artistic practices. An agreement with the Deans of the ITM and ABE schools is in place, and an invitation across KTH is pending.

2015-05-20 12.12.20


Launch of the new PhD programme in Art, Technology and Design!

On Monday 18 May, the new doctoral programme, in collaboration between KTH and Konstfack was finally inaugurated! Congratulations everyone and especially to the recently recruited PhD students who clearly showed their capacity for dialogic thinking and practice-based research throughout this wonderful launch!

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 21.21.39


Conference: Transvaluation


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 18.22.24

Call for abstracts

In the current measurement- and indicator-driven knowledge culture, research in architecture, art and several disciplines within humanities and social sciences may succumb to economic or scientific models, or be separated from important contexts of invention, risking to reduce research largely to standardized reproduction. Responding to the current proliferation of evaluation systems and the dominant culture of measurement that comes with it, the Transvaluation international symposium, May 21-22 2015, searches for alternative, cooperative environments of knowledge, of creation and invention, of ‘making and thinking’, and ways to trans- and re-value research cultures from within.


The ambition is a high quality event with top level keynote speeches, small format seminars and collective forum discussions, with the intent to start a broad debate addressing fundamental strategic research questions across disciplinary borders, and to instigate possibilities for change.


Key note speakers are international experts in social, global anthropology, Arjun Appadurai; art researching practice and doctoral education, Andrea Phillips; and speculative realism and material objects, Graham Harman.


The symposium will focus two major themes, Poetics and Politics of Value, referring to the (re-)making of values, both in artistic and architectural practice and in human scientific research, and their related political and systemic aspects. These themes are examined through two conceptual lenses: Worlding (shaping the world, transforming matter) and U-topos (space for speculative thinking and making).


We search for ways in which architecture, art, philosophy, anthropology and other areas of research may challenge, together, the very concept and formation of knowledge, stretching and enriching it, hence “transvaluing” material and spiritual research cultures from within, disclosing alternative approaches and strengthening their logics of argumentation within the interdisciplinary frame, with potential to change its systemic conventions.


We now invite researchers, doctoral students and practitioners to submit abstracts for discussion at the symposium. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and, if selected, developed into short papers.


Keywords: transvaluation – poetics of value – worlding – architecture – artistic research


Deadline for abstracts: December 19, 2014. For more information on the call and the selection process, please see end of this document or conference website, .


4 PhD-positions in Art, Technology and Design at KTH & Konstfack!

Please spread the news that KTH has established a new PhD programme in Art, Technology and Design! 4 PhD candidates are currently recruited: see further information here (deadline 2 June).

The doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design is a new subject area established in collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm. The programme has as a starting point the enormous challenges facing today’s societies – climate change, urbanisation processes, migration, increased social and economical gaps, diminishing non-renewable resources etc. – calling for new approaches to practice and for holistic, process-oriented ways of thinking. The aim of the programme is to contribute to a more sustainable society through a radical rethinking of the relationship between the individual, society and the environment. It does so by challenging conventions within established knowledge areas, by working across academic disciplines, and by combining the practices of making with advanced epistemological and methodological perspectives. We are now looking for four highly qualified and strongly motivated PhD candidates with a desire to contribute to the development of new knowledge in a subject area shaped by a dynamic exchange between artistic and scientific approaches and framed by three perspectives: art, technology and design.

Read more about the PhD-programme

Paula Crabtree, New Vice-Chancellor of Uniarts

Paula_Crabtree Foto Peter KlassonPaula Crabtree has now taken up her position as vice-chancellor of Stockholm University of the Arts. The new university was established on 1 January 2014 by merging three institutions to create a leading international research milieu.: the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH); the University College of Opera; and Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

–The three institutions that will initially merge are already strong, well established and renowned, says Crabtree. The vision and background work has been particularly well prepared and the focus on developing a robust, dynamic research environment is very inspiring. The Stockholm University of the Arts will be at the forefront of artistic research on a high international level.

Until now, Paula Crabtree was vice-chancellor at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, where she has also served as dean. She has a large network of international contacts, has had many international assignments and is currently active as vice-president of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) and as a member of the Austrian advisory board at the Programme for Arts-based Research (PEEK). Crabtree has a solid background in leading positions in and outside academia. She has participated in several assessment committees on the international and Swedish level and knows a great deal about artistic university programmes in Sweden. Her background is as an artist herself, receiving training at such places as the Canterbury College of Art, Southport College of Art and the University of Bergen. She also has a degree in social anthropology.

Talk by David Rothenberg at KTH 7 May

Survival of the Beautiful: Aesthetics, Music, and Evolution: On Wednesday, May 7, 13:15, the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH (Teknikringen 74 D) , invites you to at talk by David Rothenberg, professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.


Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 9.16.01 AM

Art and science have different criteria for truth, and David Rothenberg walks the line in between these approaches.He makes music live with the songs of other creatures, from birds, whales, and insects, and he believes such a project involves learning the aesthetics of other species, an aspect of evolution that was very important to CharlesDarwin, but often overlooked today.Sexual selection is seen as an afterthought to natural selection, as survival of the fittest is taken most seriously, while survival of the beautiful is seen as something excessive and less practical.Peacock’s tails, nightingale songs, bowerbird artworks, how do we explain that these too have evolved in the natural world.Beauty matters, and pushes evolution onward to new heights and possibilities.By playing along with the music evolved by necessity in other species, Rothenberg extends the limits of what human beings are able to appreciate, and makes art into something wider than the confines of the human species alone.His talk and performance opening this year’s Festival will directly demonstate how beauty matters to science in its efforts to make sense of the natural world.


ENTRE NORD – a conference on entrepreneurship related to the arts

Julie Hjort, from Copenhagen-based Center for Anvendt Kunstnerisk Innovation (CAKI) has asked me to spread the word about a conference 8-9 November on issues relating to “How do we unleash artistic potentials and skills through entrepreneurship?”


The title for the conference is “ENTRE NORD – from student to professional in the cultural industries” and attracts educators and management relating to artistic education. Julie Hjort writes that “we will discuss how art education can benefit from integrating entrepreneurial aspect to support the professionalization of the art students as well as the relevance and impact of arts education in society at large. Here at the arts educations we often address the value of working across the arts and technological sector and at CAKI we work to facilitate this cooperation. It is interesting to hear the technological sector’s view on the arts sector and its influence on the technological area.”

The conference is connected to 5 workshops that will take place in 5 different Nordic countries in September and October. Read more on this flyer: ENTRE NORD INVITE 2012

/Charlie Gullström