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Making a heating tube

We now have a flexible gas system but I´m not completely done with this set-up. We can control the moisture content in the gas, but since it is a short distance between the evaporation module and the chamber, there is a risk for condensation. Preheating is therefore necessary. The gas connections have a diameter of … Continue reading “Making a heating tube”

Controlling the test atmosphere

The supply of gases has been solved but we want to be able to control the gas, especially when we run testing in inert environments. The rig has therefore been equipped with an oxygen probe. We decided to measure the oxygen content of the outlet gas in order to rule out gas leakage in the … Continue reading “Controlling the test atmosphere”

Flexible gas system

One thing that is different with this rig compared to a commercial fatigue testing machine is the introduction of a gas system. We want a flexible system so we can perform testing in many different environments. After some research, we decided to go for a system from Bronkhorst, supplied by Omniprocess. This system includes flow … Continue reading “Flexible gas system”