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High-temperature solutions

Testing at temperatures up to 1000 degrees or above requires many new solutions. Here is list of some good products suitable at high temperatures:

  • Heat-resistant thread ALF (Al2O3-SiO2) – can be used up to 1300-1400 degrees. It is good for attaching thermo couples as the mechanical properties are very good. Another benefit is that it is not heated by the induction coil as stainless steel wires are. Different kinds of high-temperrture textiles can be found at Ulf Thulin AB.
  • Heat-resistant sealant E-COLL – it is gas tight but falls apart upon loading. I have used it as sealant for gas connections and thermo couples in the Macor plates.
  • Ceramic papers – I have bought different kinds of papers from Keranova AB that I have used for the sealing of the chamber. These are not gas-tight though.
Heat-resistant thread