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Starting up the rig after failure

A few weeks ago the testing in our corrosion-fatigue rig did not go well. The machine somehow went into position control instead of load control, which resulted in the stroke moving upwards. This put a lot of load on the test specimen and the chamber, which then both broke.  We had to repair the induction coil. … Continue reading “Starting up the rig after failure”

Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 2

We spent the second day at the testXpo looking at the fatigue testing machines. Vibrophore is a group of machines suitable for high-cycle fatigue testing. Some of them were extreme, like the one on the first photo below – a 1000kN machine. The second one we looked at, 50kN, is maybe more suitable for us. What … Continue reading “Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 2”

Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 1

We were invited to the Zwick/Roell TestXpo (23rd International Forum for Materials Testing) in Ulm to give a lecture about our lab. I talked about the design of our corrosion-fatigue test rig and shared some problems we had while building it. It was very nice to see the large interest in our rig. Around 800 … Continue reading “Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 1”

Networking in Lausanne

Yesterday we took part in The Innovative Smart Materials Networking Conference (ISMC) in Lausanne. It is an one-day conference organized by the Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII). The aim is to promote Swiss-Swedish innovation cooperation and create a larger number of Swiss-Swedish R&D projects. Presentations by participants were followed by speed dating between companies, academia and fundino … Continue reading “Networking in Lausanne”