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Zwick/Roell TestXpo day 1

We were invited to the Zwick/Roell TestXpo (23rd International Forum for Materials Testing) in Ulm to give a lecture about our lab. I talked about the design of our corrosion-fatigue test rig and shared some problems we had while building it. It was very nice to see the large interest in our rig.

Around 800 people working with mechanical testing visited the expo during the 2 days we were there. The Zwick Roell group opened up their company and let us look at all their products. We were able to test their machines and discuss with both salesmen and technicians. We got to learn more about our laser extensometer, which was very valuable!

Presentation of our corrosion-fatigue test rig
From the left: me (Madeleine Ekström), Walter Ganzenmüller (Zwick Roell) , Stefan Andréasson (Zwick Roell Sweden) and Aleksander Koprivc (Zwick Roell)
Phillip Winkelmayer explains some features of laser- and video extensometers.